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Bathroom Master

Probably the most fascinating piece of spam I’ve ever received: Aupu Bathroom Master combines heating, exhaust fan and illumination all in one to bring you comfort while bath. With either warm wind blow or infrared heat lamp, our bathroom master provides instant and well-distributed heat. Powerful exhaust fan effectively removes steam and fumes. Standard bathroom


I’ve been getting some really funny spam lately. Has anyone else received this one? No one likes to touch the toilet seat. Why else would public restrooms offer those little paper liners? Fingertouch brings you that type of service at home. You never have to touch your toilet seat again.

Toilet Bowl Brushes

Brunei’s economic collapse was made explicit with an auction of Prince Jefri Bolkiah’s depleted assets, which included gold-plated toilet-bowl brushes.

Toilet Paper Directional Preference

I think that this proposal is just crazy. The one on the left is far superior, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Let’s just hope she’s never made Queen. Who would want to live in a totalitarian tp state?

Restrooms of the Future

Restrooms of the Future has been on the web for years. There are essays for women, a collection of surveys on bathroom use, and notes on bathroom security. This is a must-visit for anyone who … er … uses public restrooms. link via me-fi

Evil Dave

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Drain-Blaster PLUNJ-N-SNAKE

Another product, which apparently was not hep enough to get infomercial-ized by my current employer, is The Drain-Blaster® PLUNJ-N-SNAKEtm SNAKE STORES IN HANDLE! Don’t ask. You really don’t want to know. But there is one on the desk in the empty office next to mine and it makes me very nervous.


URLDroppings: Firda has redesigned again and I am completely amazed at how wonderful the new wannabe site looks. It is beautiful! Nik helped her, and for that I will correct the fact that I’ve had him listed in my Prolific-style combo-box as Fairvue Ventral for weeks now. Plus he’s got a great page. Jason sent

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