If you look at the little bit at the end of each of the entries here, you’ll notice something new. Yep. My first major hack of MovableType has been a success. You can now email an entry to anyone you want through a handy pop-up window. It’s just like the Yahoo! feature.
Ben – the dude that co-wrote MovableType with his wife Mena – was a great help. So was my co-worker Youshik.
Once I have some of the finer details working, I will write a little tutorial on my projects blog and package it for distribution so all MT users can implement it.* It should take about a day or so.

*That is assuming that Ben and Mena say it’s okay for me to do that!

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  1. yes, yes, yes!

    I tried to do the MT thing, and failed miserably!
    Blogger hasn’t been bad to me, but I want more.

    Always more!

  2. Ooooh — new hack to play with! Can’t wait — thanks!

  3. It’s true. My brain gives me a squirt of endorphin when David mentions my name.

  4. Okay Dave, I am pretty impressed. Your dedication to fellow bloggers is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  5. I’m there with Robyn – literally! I can’t wait to implement the hack! THANK YOU!!!

  6. Sweet! I’ll be happy to include your mod on my site. :>

  7. David,

    This is so cool! I realize this is probably more of an in-depth comment than most, but it just blew my socks off!

    Love ya!

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