On hating chicken

Dave Eggars

An interesting thought from McSweeney’s:

Maybe Colonel Sanders wasn’t really all that interested in cooking. Maybe everything – the secret blend of herbs and spices, the down-home persona, the hundreds of franchisees – was a cover for the fact that he had a deep, abiding, and pathological hatred of hens.

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  1. During one of my less lucid moments I was frying two brown farm eggs with the most incredibly colored orange-yellow yolks. A feeling of dread and sorrow passed over me when I freaked out because the hen worked hard to pop those buggers out and I was just _frying_ them. That got me to thinking about whether chickens can see in color. Medication helped me to overcome that issue. Mostly.

  2. The above comments by Beth is some of the most hilarious reading I’ve done in ages.

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