My dad sent me a link to conservative columnist John Leo’s new article on blogging. A nice review of blogmania. Someone should write an article about how the “established” journalism sources are suddenly all writing articles about blogging. That someone would have to have quite a ticklish irony bone. Maybe Crazy Uncle Joe could come out of semi-retirment.

One vote here in favor of the blogging revolution. Bloggers (from the words “Web log”) write personal online diaries and commentaries … Subjects that the mainstream press is skittish about … tend to show up in the blogging world. Bloggers are emerging as a check against the mainstream press and as a prime source of news and commentary among the young.

A minor example of the culture in action: The blogging corps got wind of a poll being sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) allegedly showing that 94 percent of those surveyed thought Ariel Sharon should be put on trial for war crimes. By linking quickly to one another’s Web sites, the bloggers brought many other voters into the poll and reversed the numbers. At the end, 94 percent opposed the idea of trying Sharon. …

(Sadly, I must assume that I’m not in “the blogging corps” since I have no idea to what this Ariel Sharon poll reversal comment refers. I’ve never heard of conservative columnist John Leo, either, though. So maybe he’s the one that doesn’t know what “the blogging corps” is. Whatever. Does anyone else know where this was?)

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  1. No…guess i’m not in that blogging core either!

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