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Virtual Hemingway

Virtual Hemingway

With more than 375 Hemingway-related links organized into 23 categories, Virtual Hemingway is intended to provide persons interested in the author with links to scholarship and other information about Hemingway on-line as well as to selected manifestations of Hemingway’s appearances in popular culture.

Eminem and the Recording Industry

There were two great links at The Shifted Librarian recently concerning the music industry. By some bizarre twist of the cosmos, both links are – at least obliquely – in reference to the “artist” Eminem. The first link is to an article at about how Eminem’s new album, The Eminem Show, jumped to the

Need custom designed blank CDRs and cases? Check out This place looks like an excellent resource. They “offer pre-designed silkscreened blank cdr’s as well as regular 5″ and 3″ blanks, sets of cdr’s with cases, individual cases, dvd’s, storage items and wearables.” Very hep. link via dan

Anti-Terrorism Kits

This month in Maxim magazine there is a special Anti-Terrorism section. One page details several excellent gadgets you can buy to protect yourself from … well … bad guys. Check out some of the crazy stuff you can buy: SpySite: a ton of cool toys the URL says it all … Approved Gas

The Record: Piracy-Proof

Music bosses have unveiled a revolutionary new recording format that they hope will help win the war on illegal file sharing which is thought to be costing the industry millions of dollars in lost revenue. Nicknamed the ‘Record’, the new format takes the form of a black, vinyl disc measuring 12 inches in diameter, which

New Stadium for Patriots

Patriots VP Jonathan Kraft, on the new stadium: “… People will look at the stadium when we have a big game and say, ‘Wow, they’ve got some empty seats today.’ They won’t be empty, really. People will just be walking around, enjoying themselves. We did this because we thought this would be great for fans.

I Want a Pet Hippo!

I Want a Pet Hippo!

A story about a pet hippo

The Anniversary Party

The Anniversary Party ** pedestrian writing, ho-hum acting, scenery: n/a, sound effects: n/a, no plot, ho-hum directing Don’t bother.

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