There were two great links at The Shifted Librarian recently concerning the music industry. By some bizarre twist of the cosmos, both links are – at least obliquely – in reference to the “artist” Eminem. The first link is to an article at about how Eminem’s new album, The Eminem Show, jumped to the top spot on the Billboard charts after being on sale for only a single day. The second link is to a link at LawMeme to an article on the NYTimes site about why the album went on sale so much earlier than projected. Apparently it had become a victim of widespread piracy long before it was scheduled to be released.

The articles, and The Shifted Librarian’s comments on them, and the essays in the links to the links to the articles, all make for some very interesting reading. I actually enjoy listening to Eminem, which is probably even scarier than the fact that I linked to a link to a link to an article.

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  1. Eminem is taken far too seriously by far too many people. How you can not listen to someone who wrote the line “I just drank a fifth of Kool-Aide, dare me to drive?”

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