Good grief! It’s starting to get so bad that I’m getting complaint-mail. “How come you never write anymore?” “Are you too good for your blog?” “Why don’t you post more often?” Jeez. Whine whine. I’ve been busy, okay?! Just because I love you, A Quick Recap of the Lately Life:

  • rehearsals for the show are almost done; Wednesday is opening night!
  • spent Thursday on the NBC lot taping the pilot for the second season of the daytime version of The Weakest Link
  • saw Minority Report – 4 stars
  • saw Vanilla Sky – 6 stars (out of 5)
  • saw The Fast and the Furius – 1/2 star
  • Did you catch Robin Williams Live on HBO last night? I was crying. I couldn’t breathe from the comedic barrage. So much laughing from the Gagne! He kills; Robin does!
  • been researching a Verizon phone in the LA area – any comments? anyone?

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  1. My stomach is still killing me from laughing so hard! Robin Williams is amazing!

  2. Wow…he surfaces at last.
    1/2 star for The Fast & the Furious? Why does it deserve that much?

  3. We just miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Here in Australia, no HBO for us. *cries all over David’s webpage*
    You seem to be having a bit of a Tom Cruise fest – what about Top Gun? 😛

  5. So, you were being sarcastic about that Robin Williams special, right?

  6. i have it on good authority (contact at verizon) that you do not want one of their phones in LA.

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