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O‘Neal is one of the largest men alive. He wears size-22 basketball shoes, which are made for him by a company called Starter; they are all white and finished with a shiny gloss, reminiscent, in their sheen and size, of the hull of a luxury yacht. (When the Lakers’ equipment manager, a rotund man in the mid-five-foot range named Rudy Garciduenas, carries the shoes into the locker room before a game, he cradles them in gentle arms, as if he were the nursemaid of Otus and Ephialtes, the twin giant sons of Poseidon.) O’Neal’s cars must have their interiors ripped out and their seats moved back ten inches before he is able to drive them. (His most recent acquisition is a Ferrari Spider convertible, a birthday gift from his father that was, as he pointed out to reporters in the Lakers’ locker room one night, bought with his own earnings. O’Neal’s Spider has its top down permanently, since he’s too big for the convertible to convert.) O’Neal’s pants have an outside seam of four feet six and a half inches. He has never encountered a hotel-room showerhead that was high enough for him to stand under, an inconvenience for a man who spends months at a time on the road. When he speaks on a cell phone, he holds it in front of his mouth and talks into it as if it were a walkie-talkie, and then swivels it up to his ear to listen, as if the phone were a tiny planet making a quarter orbit around the sun of his enormous head.

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  1. shoe sizes beyond 12 are very common. I wore size 13 shoes when I was 5’6″, size 15s when was 5’10” and size 18s now at 6’2″

  2. Dear Shaq im 16 years old im 6’8 and wear a size 32

  3. How tall is exactly Shaq ? He is listed as 7’1″.
    7’1 with shoes off or not ? I have read that in PRE-DRAFT measurements Yao Ming was 7’6″ 1/4 with shoes and 7’5″ without shoes. I realize this is not a deep question but I have a sort of fetish about heights.

  4. I have many friends who are 6’2″ and only wear size 12’s. None of my friends wear shoe sizes beyond that. It sounds like many of you have big feet, where do you buy your shoes?

  5. Shoe sizes beyond size 12 really are not big. For example, a size 14 shoe is only a 12 inch foot. A size 17 shoe is only a 13 inch foot. So a size 22 shoe (14 2/3 inch foot) for a man as big as shaq is quite small. He is more than 7 feet tall. For being about 7’3″ and having feet 14 2/3″ in length is small in proportion to his height. His feet are a little less than 1’3″ long. Those are small if you think about it. If you are 6′ tall, a size 22 shoe is big, but if you are 7′ tall, a size 22 shoe is small. I am 6’2″ and wear size 18s. That isn’t big or small.

  6. Hey guys, Robert Pershing Wadlow wore a size
    37 shoe. He had the biggest feet ever ! Andre’, who ? Andre’ the Midget was 5’7″ tall and wore
    a size 6 1/2 ( I’m only joking around now).
    Chimezie Kudu is 7′ 11 tall ( more than average in my book). I wonder what size feet he has ! Greetings from Italy !

  7. Mike, i am not sure what size you wear, but I think the average is 10.5 i think sizes beyond 12 are really big.

  8. Say shaq no disrespect you supose to end your carrier in L.A as one of the best centers ever. Don’t trip of the office. Handel your bussiness on the court.Their is no reason for a trade!! Anyone can coach you. But you put that ball in the hole when you are on the floor. You have three rings with Kobe. You all have been at the top. Just show the world that you two can be hungry again what happen to big brother little brother phone calls! Do it again.

  9. Hey this is comming from a person that is more than a fan . when it is game time I look to you to get the team pumped. When you look at Derick Fisher and Kobe im at home knowing what you want to tell them and the people at my house and friends ask me what’s Shaqs next move and when I reply whatch this” and then you go into the zone. I call the Shoot then you all go on one.

  10. any shoe size less than a 10 is ridiculously small nowadays. Many people wear size 13,14,15 or larger shoes.


  12. You guys have huge feet, and its hard for me to believe some sizes you guys wear. (In addition to your age and height). I am 5’6″ and wear a size 9.

  13. I was a size 13 when I was 11 years old. I wear size 18 now.

  14. anyone whos tall please answer this im 11 and im 6ft. and where size 11 please answer how tall and what was your shoe size when you where 11

  15. Warren Coolidge ( Byron Stewart ) is 6’7″. I
    wonder what his shoe size is.

  16. Shaq- Im 11 and im 6feet and were shoe size 11
    Do u think im going to be 6ft.9

  17. Andre’ the Midget Rousimoff was 6′ 9″ 1/2 at
    autopsy. God bless his soul. His shoe size ?
    We’ ll never know ! No chance in hell !

  18. Some of you guys are soo funny, I could have peed my pants reading these things!!

  19. is there anybody, who can send me pictures of his or anyone’s big smelly feet ? i’d like to meet somebody like this too, but i’m living in germany, berlin. so, if anyone comes to visit, just leave a message. david

  20. Please e mail me I LOVE YOU (not literally of course) please meet me and send me an autographed pic of you if you can PLZ!!!!!!

  21. I’m 5’6″ 130lbs, a little smaller than Shaq. I’m
    a big Shaq’s fan ! Go Shaq go ! I’m Italian and my shoe size is 40 ( equivalent with about 9 in the USA, I think). I have read that Andre’ the Giant’s shoe size was 24 but I think this is a lie. They always overexaggerated his size. They said he was 7’4 or 7’5, but I think he was about 6’9″.

  22. kobe.. dont be rapin’ *makes stupid shzq face*

  23. im 5’6 an weare size 6 shoe shaq has huge feet

  24. I’m 14 and wear a size 13 and around here that’s huge. However, I was in a Nike factory outlet the other day and found some size 22s for 29.99 and I bought them. LOL You guys should have seen everyone at school when I wore them.

  25. Dear Shaq,

    Iam 14 years old and I’m in the 9th grade. Anyway I wear a size 18.0 shoe. I can’t find shoes to fit anywere in the state of West Virginia or any other state for that matter. I tried searching the web but I’ve had no luck there either. Please help me find shoes in my size.

    Micah Carter

  26. Dear Shaq,

    Iam 14 years old and I’m in the 9th grade. Anyway I wear a size 18.0 shoe. I can’t find shoes to fit anywere in the state of West Virginia or any other state for that matter. I tried searching the web but I’ve had no luck there either. Please help me find shoes in my size.

    Micah Carter

  27. im 6’6″ and wear size 28 is that big or what

  28. YOU THE BEST SHAQ YOU ROCK I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Many people have bigger feet these days. If you think about it, for shaq, size 22 is small. A size 22 is less than 15 inches long. 15 inch feet for his size is small and really is not that big. For being as tall as he is, he should be a size 29 or a 30. I am 6’5″ and wear a size 19.

  30. i am 6″5 and i only have size 14. My brother which is my twin he is 2 inches smaller than me he has size 20 !! and his best friend has a size 27!

  31. I would love to see Shaq’s feet personally. In fact, I would love to lick’ em! I love Shaq’s feet

  32. The formula for relating height to shoe size is to use centimeters.
    I’ll do it here with inches.
    Change your height to inches.
    Multiply by 2.54 to change to centimeters.
    Subtract 72.92
    Divide by 3.64. This is the size in cm.
    To change to U.S. subtract 18.
    I am 6’4″. That’s 76 inches, 193cm. Now, minus 72.92=120. 120/3.64=33. 33-18=15.
    I wear size 15.

  33. shaque is theman and no one can stop that beast

  34. shaque is theman and no one can stop that beast

  35. shaq sucks.
    especially at freethrows

  36. shaq sucks.
    especially at free throws

  37. Shaq’s feet are huge but it makes sense because of his size, it comes naturally. The average man wears a size 10.5 shoe

  38. size 22 isnt Shaqs real shoe size its actually 23 he just wears size 22 really tight but he some times wears size23

  39. I know some one thats 7″4 and wears a shoe size28.5 he weighs 600 something

  40. I know some one thats 7″4 and wears a shoe size28.5 he weighs 600 something

  41. I know some one thats 7″4 and wears a shoe size28.5 he weighs 600 something

  42. God! I can’t believe the size feet everyone has. I wear a size 9 1/2. what does that make my feet?

  43. God! I can’t believe the size feet everyone has. I wear a size 9 1/2. what does that make my feet?

  44. Shaq is was wordering would you let me have your Four wheeler because i dont know If my mom is going to get me one so I figure since you got all that money you can just buy a new one anytime you want for me It dont work like that we are not that rich and stuff so saying that you are a nice guy holla at a brother in North Carolina at Raleigh 1600 Elk Park Dr.
    your fan

  45. mike you are a huge liar and the most dumbest person in the world. Shaq has the biggest feet in the NBA and you say your friend has bigger. Why do you lie does it make yourslef fill big do you have a small **** or something so you lie to act big. Man get a life.

  46. I have a 17 year old, 6’8″ and wears a size 21-22, depending on the maker. These are very hard to find. I’m looking for anyone who knows where I can get more of a variety for him. I’m in the military and deploying to Iraq. I’ve heard that there are a few sports stars that sponsor kids like this. Can anyone help???

  47. Hey Mike i believe that you wear a shoe size 23 i would like to know how tall you are iam 6″4 and i wear size 16

  48. who made this site and why do some people say that shaq wears size 23 and some people say that shaq wears size 22?

  49. who made this site and why do some people say that shaq wears size 23 and some people say that shaq wears size 22?

  50. some people say shaq wears size 23 and some say he wears size 22

  51. Mike, where the heck do you find shoes that darn big? I disagree that the average shoe size for men is 13. At least not in the midwest. I wear a 13, sometimes 14, and that is enourmous!! I only know of a couple people with feet as big as mine or bigger.

  52. I have a pair of Shaq shoes. they’re great!! i love them!

  53. I work in a service profession where we see many people who volunteer. As part of our monthly trivia quiz, we included a queston about Shaq’s shoe size. It would be fun to actually see a size 22 shoe in real life. Do you know where I could get one of his shoes for our patrons to see?

  54. I read Shaq uses a new pair of shoes every game. Since there are around 82 games per season, he uses 82 size 22 shoes! I wonder how many cows are needed to make that many shoes. Wow.

  55. I love Shaq’s enormous shoes. They are a size 22! I would love to massage his enormous feet!!

  56. I wear size 23 shoes which is larger than Shaquille O’Neal’s feet. The average shoe size for a man now is 13. Most people I know wear size 15 or 16. My friend wears a size 24.5 shoe!! Shaquille O’Neal’s feet are not that big, especially for a basketball player

  57. you can buy shaq shoes at saans for really cheap only 50$ and there leather too i bought some 2 days ago and there really comfy. Id get reeboks again though there way better especially the iversons but starters shaw shoes are still comfy and id recomend them

  58. avatar

    can i noe wat is shaq’s shoe’s brand??

  59. I have a pair of basketball shoes that someone gave to me. They have SHAQ written down the middle between the shoe laces and the number 34 on the side, also WB on the tongue of the shoe. Can you tell me where to buy a pair of them. They are really confortable shoes.

  60. I have a pair of Shaq shoes, there great. Yoy can buy them at BIG 5 sporting goods for real cheap.

  61. where can i find a pair of shaq shoes?

  62. I enjoyed reading this…..I wonder if you could help meout as my grandson wants a pair of shaq shoes, does he have a company that is going to be making them for the public???He saw an ad in Sports Illustrated and has requested them for Christmas, anxious to hear from you as to if you know…efj

  63. I LOVE SHAQ!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I have read somewhere that Wilt Chamberlain wore a size 14 shoe. Come faceva a non cadere ? I wonder about that !

  65. LOL … so many sad internet liars here.

  66. Mike…get a grip…size 13 is not the average shoe size for a man!!!! do you know how to properly gather research?

  67. Whatever, lots of people have shoe sizes larger than 12. However, I don’t believe that this many people have size 20 and beyond.

  68. shaq is really 6’11” He admitted it on howard sterns radio show during an interview a few years ago.

  69. The average shoe size is 10.5. Here in southern Illinois it is rare to see someone with feet bigger than 14. I would love to have a pair of Shaq’s shoes, anyone know where I can get them?

  70. hey john john shaq was 6′ 11 years ago thats wut u said he was on howard sterns show but that wus YEARS AGO get the point buddy YEARS AGO think i got ur back SHAQ

  71. Yao Ming is still growing, as of September of 2004 he was measured at 7’5 3/4″ tall barefoot, and 7’7 1/4″ tall with shoes on. He was measured with a standing reach of 9’8″, and a wingspan of 7’5″. Yao has a size 18 US shoe.

    Shaq, the last time he was measured came in at 7’0 1/2″ barefoot, and a 7’2″ with shoes on.

    Myself I am 6’2 1/2″ tall barefoot, and I wear a size 12 US shoe or a size 13 US shoe depdning on the shoe brand.

    For the people claiming to be like 6 feet and having a size 28 shoie or that “an average shoe size is 14″ you are full of total BS.

    In fact according to official US medical insurance records which documented about 100 million people, the average height for men in the US is about 5’9 1/2″ with shoes on, and the average shoe size is about 10.

    Only about 2 out of 100 adult men in the US are 6’2” or taller without shoes, and have a size 12 or bigger shoe, according to these same stats.

  72. avatar
    Trevor Williamson

    Hey i dont know if anyone will read this but someone help i am in tenth grade and wear a size 20 shoe. and cannot find them anywhere. Some one email with news or help.

  73. i am really short comparied to shaq my mom is 5 ft granma is 4 11 and i am 4 9 in 9th grade sad i know but i love being short and couldn’t imagine being so tall. your awesome to watch your my favortie secound team first is pistons but i loved watching you both play against each other tonight

  74. seth your full of BS, i’m 12 years old and i’m 5 9 and i wear a size 12us shoe!

  75. Big BOY,you are full of BS,im 10 and i wear a size 12 too.

  76. I’m a pretty little dude compared to you guys. im 12 and wear a 8.5 US. what size will i be when im like… 14?

  77. I was just wondering: massimo where did you get the information about Andre’s autopsy? Are there documents available on the net? I’ve met Andre and I know for a fact that he was 6’11” thats a long way from the 7’4 wwf claimed him to be he was still a huge man. 6’9″ well.. perhaps he lost an inch or two of height at the end of his career people do shrink in height when they get older you know.

  78. bob lanier had the biggest feet among nba players of all time, he wore size 24. he even had an ad aobut it

  79. wow, you people are so huge! im 13 and i got a size 13 shoe. im also 5’11 so im tiny compared to all of u

  80. im only 5’11 155 lbs and can barely fit into a size 15 shoe. im going to have to get size 16s or 17s soon.

  81. big boy and gordan ur both short i’m 6’9″ and i’m 15

  82. Hey u guys have big feet i have size 16s and that is quite big can u send me some pics of ur huge feet! plz plz plz.

  83. Im from China.IM growing up in the same neighborhood as Yao Ming of Shanghai. I am only 18 years old and I am already 7 feet 4 inches tall. Around here there are no stores that carry my shoe size. I wear a size 31. This size is unheard of where I live. Can you help me find a shoe that might actually fit me Shaq?

    Sumteng Wong

  84. people may call me a giant and bigfoot, but if im huge then you guys are king kong! im 13 and 9 months im 6’1 and i got a size 14 shoe. im also goin to high school and i consider myself a midget. somebody help i want to be 6’9 =(

  85. people may call me a giant and bigfoot, but if im huge then you guys are king kong! im 13 and 9 months im 6’1 and i got a size 14 shoe. im also goin to high school and i consider myself a midget. somebody help i want to be 6’9 =(

  86. Ur 6’1 thats hardly a midget the average height 4 a man is 5’7 i’m 6’5 and have a shoe size of 18 and ppl call me bigfoot u guse with sizes in the 20s how long are ur feet?

  87. Yeh ill send u some pics aaron!!!

  88. Hey all you guys with big feet and shoes, please send me some pics as I am putting together a website featuring big feet and Sneakers. The biggest pair of shoes I have now are a size 20 Nike Air Force Strong, I also have some 18’s and 16’s. But I only wear a size 13 myself.

  89. Hey, you’re all full of BS. You are comparing shoe sizes as if you were with c**k length. Get a life…

    (I have 10 only. Most people have ~8.5/9 or ~11/12/13 – I found that when I made stats for a math lessons…)

  90. Charles-

    I found that information on Internet but I don’t remember how (it was several months ago); maybe I made a google search under the name
    “Andre’ Rousimoff true height”. Whether that information is true or not, I don’t have a clue. They also said Andre’ wore 24 at times, other times they said he wore 22. It would be much better if they said always the truth.

  91. I’m 5′9″ and i’m us17.

  92. thas big id love to suck them

  93. me too, aaron!

  94. Looks like I might have stumbled across a great source for a book I am in the midst of writing. The male feet project will be totally dedicated to exactly that *Male Feet*. From famous steps, to foot fetish sex, large feet, strange feet, foot likes and dislikes, stinky feet, celeb foot photos, etc etc etc. I need stories and pics from guys with huge feet and the benefits and disadvantages of those *dawgs*. Serious submitions only …… maybe you can appear in the book !!!! Whether its yourself or a friend please contact me if you wear size 14 shoes or higher. …….. also applies to any feet that are …. lets say ….. unusual …… ie – 6 toes, long toes, short guy huge feet etc. Thanks

  95. I want to massage, lick, and suck shaq’s huge size 22 feet. Does anyone else?

  96. me too, john!
    i wear 8 1/2 size shoes, and you?

  97. how tall was shaq when he was 14?

  98. yes i wld love 2. i’d really love some pics of ur guys huge feet if u have any pics please send them to me.!!!

  99. I wear 15s
    What’s your email, aaron?

  100. how tall was shaq when he was 14?

    Age 21
    302 pounds
    Size 20 shoe

    Age 12
    192 pounds
    Size 10 1/2 shoe

    Age 8
    4’8 3/4″
    108 pounds
    Size 4 shoe

    Age 4
    3’10 1/2″
    56 pounds
    Size 12 shoe

    Age 25
    7′ 1″
    310 pounds
    Size 22 shoe

    Age 16
    265 pounds
    Size 15 shoe

    Age 10
    5’3 1/4″
    139 pounds
    Size 7 1/2 shoe

    Age 6
    4’3 1/2″ 82 pounds
    Size 2 shoe

  101. Looks like I might have stumbled across a great source for a book I am in the midst of writing. The male feet project will be totally dedicated to exactly that *Male Feet*. From famous steps, to foot fetish sex, large feet, strange feet, foot likes and dislikes, stinky feet, celeb foot photos, etc etc etc. I need stories and pics from guys with huge feet and the benefits and disadvantages of those *dawgs*. Serious submitions only …… maybe you can appear in the book !!!! Whether its yourself or a friend please contact me if you wear size 14 shoes or higher. …….. also applies to any feet that are …. lets say ….. unusual …… ie – 6 toes, long toes, short guy huge feet etc. Thanks

  102. Hi John,
    Please mail me those photos too. Thanks Bookwriter

  103. I remember going to wrestling matches growing up and my favorite one was Andre the Giant!! Wow, he was so big!!. One thing I noticed going to any wrestling event was how much shorter the wrestlers looked in person. On T.V. they claim to be so big and tall. Well, some are very muscle bound indeed, but many were no taller than I was. The very first time I went to Andre the Giants visit to my town I remember taking a tape measure and seeing how tall 7’4” was. So before he walked out I was prepared for this tall giant to come out, but to my surprise he was not where near that height!.
    At best, Andre may have been around 6’7” to 6’8” at the very best. But he was indeed big around the rest of his body though, wow, because he is so big around it makes him look like he is taller for some reason on T.V. I do believe he was indeed 500 plus pounds. I saw Andre twice in my life and it was amazing even though he was not 7’4”, he is still a true giant in my book. And Hulk Hogan was only around 6’3″, but his muscles were huge though. Long live the Giant…

  104. hello shaq im 13 and im 6″4 and got mad skills im in 8th grade and want to practice or get some tips from you.i played with anthiny avent and jankin hopkins trains with me. he playes for the pistons im goin to be in the nba and wanna dunk im goin to dunk on u also i can dunk.i weigh 165 pounds anbd i can bench press 250.

    please give me feed back also i need scouts to come to spring field to check me out.

  105. i’m 12 im a girl an i wear a size 11. i’m 5ft1 and people always pick on me sayin kayla what size you wear…..20





  110. I’m 15 years old and wear a size 13 shoe and i’m only 5’7, how tall do you think i will be?

  111. im 13 years old i wear a size 17 in shoes

  112. dang jamal u got big feet

  113. Big feet don’t always tell how tall one will be. When I was 15 my shoe size was 11 and I stood 5’9”. I am now 31 and my shoe size is 13 and I only stand 5’11”.

  114. Hi Any of you ppl with big feet wann email me some pics of them. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ:)

  115. Hey Aaron, you have a foot fetish or something?

  116. Hey Chad, yes i do have a foot fetish and proud of it!! i’d love 2 suck shaqs HUGE FEET

  117. hi, how old is shaq?

  118. Sam, do you really wear a size 32?

  119. I think the biggest shoe size according to the Guiness World Records was Matthew McGrory who wore a size 29, until his recent death. He was a giant actor who stood 7’6″.

  120. What sort of planet did I land on ? Where I come from these numbers (12 etc) are not even in the shoe size converter. I am 5ft10 and wear 5.

  121. His feet are so huge. I want them badly

  122. Sup guys, i’m 6’6″ and 313 lbs, i am size 19 shoe

  123. Hey guys, im 13 years old 5,11 and wear a size 16 shoe, i get teased often, what is normal size for men at age 13

  124. I have original pair Shaq 1996, WB Sport. Unused. Interested?

  125. My 15 year old son where’s a size 20 shoe and I would like to find out where can I get some old shoes from Shaq or anyother big feet men who don’t want their shoes anymore. I can’t afford to buy them from the big and tall stores. He’s also 6’4″ and still growing.

  126. For the tall dudes with huge feet, Nordstrom’s carries much larger sizes than most stores. If you looking for athletic shoes, Red Wing stores also stock wide range of sizes. Dunno about the quality, never worn them. Even try eBay, why not. My friend’s kid was 6’3-1/2″ and wore size 15’s at 12 years 10 months. Last I knew he was around 18 years old, 6’10” and size 18. My cousin is 7’0″ even and wears size 18’s also. By far most people I know are “average” at around 5’8″ to 6’2″ wearing 8’s to 12’s. I have been 5’9″ and have worn size 8’s or 9’s (depending on manuf.) for 22 years since I was 14. But I’m not that athletic either.

    “NORMAL” size for boys is subject to debate since kids come in so many shapes and sizes today. But as a general rule, most kids I know have a shoe size that matches their grade in school, or age in years minus five. Kids with “big feet”, their shoe size is closer to their actual age. Most “average” boys grow into Men’s sizes (starting with 7’s) at about age 11-12.

  127. Hey man i am a 14 year old boy and i wear a size 24 shoe and im

  128. I have been wearing a size 13 since the 4th grade. In shoes I’m 6’1 315 lbs.
    Paul Wight ( The Big Show) is listed as being 7’4 wearing a size 24 shoe. He came into Sports Entertainment at 400 plus pounds. The WWE now states that he is over 500 pounds. World Championship Wrestling claimed that “The Giant” (Paul Wight) was Andre’s son in 1996 when he made his debut. That was a bunch of crock. Shaq’s has worn shoes created by: Reebok, WB,, and Starter. Starter was purchased by Nike because they wanted a piece of the cheap shoe Market. Shaq’s and Starter GAme shoes are of supreme quality. If anyone knows how a cat can get a pair of Chromes in a size 13 get at a cat. I understand that the space between your wrist and the inside of your elbow represents the length of your foot. Try it. Place your shoe in that space and see if it works. It is accurate for me.

  129. forget shaq Allen Iversons tha man right now

  130. Kyle Korver…watch him…he’s amazing…Should get more attention…He tosses 3’s like theres no tomorrow..Watch out for Korver

  131. avatar
    spongebob squarepants

    i found a pair of shaqs right here in front of my pine apple sum 1 must of toss them in the ocean ther cooooool. p.s. i am #32

  132. There is actually NO correlation between a man’s height or their feet. For instance, i’m 17 and stand at 5’9 and wear a size 12. My 6’0 buddy wears a size 10 1/2 and he is 17. A lot of my six foot buddies, barely break the size 12 mark…… we measured are feet and wingspan one day, and my was the largest at 6’3, while everyones was their height. I AM JUST NOT IN PRoportion

  133. Where do you guys buy shoes beyond size 12? I am amazed at some your shoe sizes. I am 5’5 and wear a size 9.

  134. Nice guy here, honest and sincere; want to find one of you giant dudes with incredibly huge feet to love and adore and settle down with. Want the hugest guy I can find. Write to me at “”, and include your height, weight, shoe size and age.

  135. i’m 13 and 6’3 wear a size 15 but my feet have always been big

  136. i’m 15 and 6’6 wear a size 15 and i can’t find a place where u can get some cool air force ones

  137. I am 5’6 and wear a size 8

  138. First of all, Shaquille Oneal doesn’t need to find shoes, he has people make them for him and deliver them to him every game/practice. Second Shaq’s Shoes are not name brand, but they are Starter brand shoes. But you will rarely see the word Starter on Shaq’s because they call it Shaq’s. And Shaq’s are now in stores in Wal-Mart.

  139. I had a pair of shaq shoes back in the day, And want to find them again , They were white and black zebra like. Somebody tell me were to find them.

  140. Wow, I’m 5′ 7″ 20 years old and wear a shoe size of 7 or 8 depending on the shoe. You guys are giants.

  141. Hi I’m 6′ and sz 14. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have even bigger feet. Imagine seeing a 6′ guy w/sz 22s. That’s about 15″ long!

    The Guinness Book record for biggest feet is Matthew McGrory, size 28.5, about 17″ or so. But the Guinness record is only for normal growth, not from glandular disorders, like pituitary tumors. I’ve heard of feet over 25″ long, but those were a result of such a tumor.

    There’s a site called which used to have a “news” section where they quoted stories about themselves from different publications like People or Wall Street Journal. In there they were quoted as saying that they’ve taken orders for shoes in US size 54, which would be for feet around 25″ long. Now that would be cool!

  142. Hi I’m 29, 5ft9 and have size 4 so i’ve never made it to the Mens Shoes. Are there more people like me ?

  143. I would love to sleep with Shaq, and smell and lick its feet all night!!! He’s the biggest fetish I’ve ever had in my whole life

  144. Who can tell me where can I get a pair of Shaq’s sneakers, hopefully worn?

  145. avatar

    Shaq Sucks! Kobe is the best! Try Me!

  146. umm.. you guys dont have to lie about your shoe size.. the largest foot ever is 26 1/2 usa.

    im 16 and wear a size 15 (usa) shoe which is pretty damn big. i have never met anyone bigger. but im only like 6’2.. who knows maybe il grow XD

    unless you live in another country ur lieing.

  147. i am 12 and i am a boy and i wear a size 10 shoe and my friend ryan is only 4 8 and he is 12 wowowowowowowo he is short and gay

  148. i wear a size 33.5 got to see my pheeeeeeeettt

  149. I am 6’6 and wear a size 13. I can’t figure out how many of you wear sizes beyond 13.

  150. You all have huge feet. I’m 5’10” and my feet are 9.5″ long, about a size 7 and a half.

  151. All of you are giants. I am 5’6″ and wear a size 8.5 I don’t believe the amount of posts on here that say they wear size 15 shoes and beyond.

  152. shaq is my idol. i only wish to be as tall as him when im older. i would always watch him with the lakers now with the heat. i just turned 14 and im 6’2″ and a size 14 shoe.

  153. I am 5’7 and I wear a size 11 shoe.

  154. Hi guys i’m 6 years old, i’m 6’11” and wear a size 30. like many of you on this site i have a 2” **** , small i know, but thats why we come here to brag about how big our feet are. you guys are idiots, get a life, get a girlfriend, and stop telling eachother how cool you think you are because of your mutations. screw you, you’re all losers.

  155. Hi Bigfeet…I want you to know my son is 14 and wears a size 16 as of this past Saturday when he needed new shoes.. he is 6 feet 4 maybe 5 inches tall and he is caucassion..believe it or not! I found this site due to needing to spend less $$$ on shoes for a growing kid…I believe the people on here are telling the truth most of the are eatting protein made from growth hormones in our chicken and meat products…mass production and larger people are a part of the world today! I think Shaq has very large feet but not for his frame, and I’m sure there are other people out there with larger feet that don’t advertise or talk about it…

    SHAQ— You’re AWESOME and I’m glad I found this site because it is making me feel my son is the “norm” for the taller kids with large feet…

    places to shop for large shoes:

    Nordstrom Rack (great prices)
    Larry’s shoes
    Google will bring more places for you

    All the best,

  156. im 5’2″ size 11feet

  157. 15.5yrs, 6.2ft, size 12 us. so seems kinda small feet

  158. Hey man! I got the coolest feet. They’re big and scabby and all stinky and **** . Some day I’d like to post ’em on a cool site…My grandma’s feet are pretty reasonable other than the huge wart on her left big toe. I’ve never seen it but I hear it goes a mile. I’m 6’10”, 248 lbs with a size 24.5 shoe (like size 400 in Italy) and in the 7th grade. I got real skills for a guy with big feet…And I’ve seen Shaq’s feet up close. Don’t even try to tell me I’m lying! I’ve sucked ’em and if you don’t believe…Man, **** ya’ll. (or just ask Shaq).

  159. Yo man, I post in here all the time, and it’s like…No one wants to know about my feet. I mean I know they’re so stinky poo poo, but at least they’ve got the world’s longest foot hairs on ’em. My lil’ mamma Cheyenne says my feet make the world go round – she calls ’em “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” In fact, they’re so wonderful, they heal people. Many people have posted pictures of my sweet ass feet on they’re sites. I suggest you do too. If you want a hot, sweaty pic of Big Foot Groves and General McFarley, email me at Or check out my archives – I’ve gotten a picture of my feet in just about every country. I even have a pic of ’em next to Hitler. God Bless Him.


    Drew Peer

  160. what is going on with these comments?? “shaq you da man”??? what the f*ck?

  161. aaah, i get it. way to go, dvg, you’re such a trailblazer.

  162. i love big feet. if anyone has pictures of their big feet, i’d love to see them. i have a foot fetish and i love to jack off while big feet grind all over my balls. i know it sounds sick, but it gets me off. someone just introduced me to this “kink” and i can’t get enough. sorry if i’ve offended anyone

  163. what does it mean my comment is awaiting moderation?

  164. i know this a shaq site, but does anyone know how big charles barkley’s feet are?

  165. how big are they???
    p.s. i’m almost 17 and i’m 6 feet tall, and i wear size 9 shoes… do you think that’s too big? how much do you think i’ll grow???


  167. I have a foot fetish aswell, i think big feet are so sexy if anyone has any pics email me at you can add me on msn aswell . thanks XxX

  168. I’m 13 and 9 months old/135pounds. I’m 5’7 and where a size 10 to 11 depending on shoe(My foot is 10 and 1/4 inches long). Do you think I will reach 6feet 5inches if not how tall do you think i will be and what size shoe do you think i will wear when I’m 18

  169. to chris:
    no, you should definetely NOT play basketball. I mean, I’m seventeen years old, five years older than you, and we’re the same height. I won’t grow anymore, but you will. I remember, when I was twelve, I was about 5 foot tall. I didn’t do any sports at all, and i grew up another foot. So if you wanna play basketball, you’re just gonna have to come to peace with the fact that you’ll probably be taller than Shaq.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Basketball can increase your shoe size immensly! It’s because at the moment of the jump, you stand on your toes, which can make your toes (and feet) longer, not to mention wider!
    p.s. I don’t mean to disappoint you, but the average shoe size for a grown man is 12
    p.p.s. don’t wear nike air force shoes!!! Wear tighter shoes, for example ”lacoste” or ”cronos”!! I wear those : I’m a size 9, but people usually give me 8 😉 so you can look like you wear 12-13!!!

  170. i don’t know if y’all knew, but the length of your foot is equal to the distance between your arm wrist and your elbow, and I measured, it’s true!
    another interesting fact: boys stop growing at 17 or 18, but our feet keep growing ’til we’re 22-23. pretty scary, dont ya think?!

  171. y’know, shaq’s great, but i prefer the german basketball player dirk nowitzki.
    He is 2,13 m (7 feet) tall, 112 kg (247 ibs) heavy, and he wears shies size 50 (eu), that’s like 16 us!!!
    perhaps you’ve seen him, he’s so gorgeous!
    He’s got blond hear, and blue eyes,winning smile (flawless teeth, of course), and i think THE WORLDS BIGGEST SHOULDERS!!!
    I would give anything for a HOT noght with him…Who else?

  172. dirk nowitzki is nothing .. iam german like him but iam 23 years old , 7’4 330lbs and wear eur size 56.5 / us size 22 shoes

  173. I’m 25, 6′ 1, size 11. That seems pretty average to me. I can’t figure out how you people have such large feet.

  174. Im 15 and in the 10th grade. I am currently the tallest 15 year in westchester and putnam county. I am 7’4 and 248lbs. i wear a size 19 shoe, wich really isnt that hard to find but i only really fit into nikes. yes i play basket ball, but my main sport is football. Im also white.

  175. Jerry, Are you serious, 7’4/ size 19?

  176. I’m 28, 6’3, and wear a size 13.

  177. Im 5’4 with size 11
    That big for a small dude

  178. I’m 6’1 and wear size 15 shoe. I have a foot fetish for big feet also. I love big feet on boys and girls but i’m attracted to size 13s+ on guys, the bigger the better. Any guys got any pics of their big feet?

  179. Charles, Your 5’4 , size 11. I am 5’6 and wear a size 8. I can’t figure out people’s height and shoe size have such a wide range.

  180. Why is this hype about shaq? He sucks so much it’s not even funny. And people Lying about your shoe size is kinda sad…well that’s unless America is the land of the “bigfeet” lol…I mean jeez…I’m 6’2” and I where like size 12’s. How the hell do you people have size 20+’s? Total BS.

  181. Dear shaq
    I live in jamaica and i am 13 years old and i wear size 15 i dont know wear to get shoes to buy i am 5’11’ they said that i am goig to be tall and that i am running down your size can i get some help.

  182. I am 6’8” and wear a 17 size shoe. I need to get bigger shoes though. can anyone tell me what size shoe MJ wore.

  183. Hi ! I know a guy from my school. He’s 15 (2 years younger than me) and he’s 2,00 m tall and wears size19 (eu 53)! i saw his shoes in our locker room and his feet… Big, huge, exxxtra huge & sexy!

  184. I’m 5’10 im 13 years and I weigh 163 lbs..

    I wear a size 13 shoe which is huge to me so I can’t BEGIN to imagine what a size 22 looks like

    and to make all of you who think your feet are REAL big here’s a twist for ya: Robert Wadlow was 8’11 and he had a size 37.

  185. Our son just turned 12 years of age, He now is just a little over 6’1′, Wears size 13 shoe. Any ideas how tall he is going Tobe ? .

  186. Would any one believe this: A man standing 7’7 wearing a size 31 shoe? what is that like a 17 inch foot?

  187. I am 16 and I have a size 18 shoe. The best place to get shoes for me is they carry everything

  188. Hey if anyone of you guys has some good pics of huge feet (boys over 14 only) can sent them to me at this address:
    Also if anyone wants to chat

  189. Mike from comment 8, your kidding right? Shaq has the biggest foot in the one come close the biggest ive heard is 19.

  190. Help for 3 years now my son has been wearing the only pair of shoes he has he wears size 22 and we cannot afford any. He has lost 2 jobs because he cannot find either steel toe boots or shoes to perform the jobs. It brings tears to my eyes that he has such large feet. People laugh at him all the times. People really forget about feelings. Thanks for all your support

  191. Hey you guys! I’m 18 years old, 6′ tall and I haven’t grown for over a year, which is fine. But my problem is this: Last year I had size 9 feet, and now I wear a 13. Everybody started laughing at me, I even got the nickname bigfoot! Is this normal??

  192. that is funny, but i don’t think it is funny for him to have to bend so he can shower. good luck man

  193. Im 13 6ft or 6ft 1 and ware size 14

  194. I’m 5’6″ and wear a size 9. You guys are giants!

  195. Our last post was 3-27 -07. Our son then was 6 foot one inch tall , Size 13 shoe . Here’s an update. Our son will soon be 14 years of age, In the last 19 months he has grown to 6 feet 6 inches tall and now wears a size 18 shoe.

  196. I’m 18, 6″2, and wear a size 14.

  197. Wow, what an interesting conversation with such fascinating personal facts about all of you wonderful people..not.

  198. hi im 13 and wear a size 14 shoe and im 5 10 im considered tall or big?

  199. Hi,
    I’m 27, i am bout 6′ and wear a size 17 shoe.
    Lots nof people stare at my feet, call me bigfoot and wanna step on my shoe to check where my big toe is.
    Dats sucks.

  200. For parents of loved ones woh have exceptionally large feet,don’t fret. Go to, final They just ran shoes at $9.99 3/16/2010-3/31/2010.With free shipping and handling for orders over $50.00. Logon and request a catalog from both places.They always send me coupon codes and emails. Plus we get magazines all year.You all men,and women are gifts from God just like everybody else,but more special.It is harder to find any casual,or dress shoes that are below the price of $200-$600+.Most sites say they carry up to 23’s but don’t count on it. I’ve searched for them. If you want dress shoes for your loved ones feet we will have to eventually make our own shoe (meaning custom ),or demand shoes from companies that sell dress shoes,and casual shoes.You all deserve the same repect,as any other humans. God bless you’ll,hope this will help you.Ms. E.H.

  201. Shaq, help me my 13 year old son Quan is 200pds and bout 6ft tall and he wears a size 17 shoe can u please help me? I’m a single parent of 2 kids. do Can you tell me wear i can find shoes this size that i can afford to buy.

    Rasalyn Cheek

  202. Hello Shaq, I know a little about how your mom felt when you were growing up. My 13 year old son Quan wear a 17 shoe and its very hard to find them. Every year his age change his foot would go up a size, i hope its threw growing. lol when did your foot stop growing?
    I’m a single parent of two and I can’t afford to pay 120 or more for his shoes. So could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me were i can buy them at a price i can afford.
    His name is Quan he is 13 and weighs 200pds and 6ft tall in the 8th grade. He loves basketball. thank you for any help you can offer Rasalyn Cheek

  203. You can buy online or through their catalog. EASTBAY.COM shoes from 15-21.My son is 6’5″ his feet grew to the age he was every year.Was told in 10/04 that he would top out at 6’5″ and wear a size up to 20 shoe.So i bought as may as i could for $10 through EASTBAY in many colors and styles.The most i’ve ever paid for his shoes through them is $25 plus you can get free s&h. For dress shoes go to HITCHCOCK SHOES.COM OVER IN THE UK. OR USA.

  204. I want my feet to grow at least 6 sizes bigger after I am 12. I am 5’1″ and weigh 85 pounds so I am very skinny. I have not hit puberty. I am literally as flat chested as a boy. My shoe size is UK 6 or 8 US womens and I really want to be a shoe size 13 US womens or bigger.

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