<Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice>
I have got to get y’all to give out a louuuuud Gator-chompin’, foot-stompin’, party-rompin’, company-credit-card-compin’ Happy 30th – I say THIRTY-ETH – Birth-a-day to my son Ryan Tober in Hotlanta, Jaw-ja!
</Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice>

(Gift en route.)

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  1. Hey Thanks!

  2. Wait, I though it was yesterday …

  3. In reference to comment #50: Does anyone know what business it is that these people have found to be both honest and lucrative? Would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks!

  4. Hi, nice website you got on here! Just surfed by through another one. Keep it up, and maybe come and visit mine, too. LOL 😉

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