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Holy Crap! I can’t believe that Al and John didn’t mention the CRUSHING obliteration of a block Warren Sapp laid on Kurt Warner! Brooks intercepted a pass on the Rams next-to-last possession and while he was on his way into the end zone, Sapp just completely destroyed Kurt Warner! Did anyone else see that?!

Voorhies Groups Rule

Paleontologist Gregory M. Erickson of Florida State University answers the question, “What are the odds of a dead dinosaur becoming fossilized?” on this week’s Scientific American: Ask the Experts.

One Week

It’s been one week. So this is the first anniversary of sorts. And next week it will be two weeks. And then it will be a month since. And then it will be six months. And then a year. And then five years. When all the networks went back to “regularly scheduled programming” it felt

Spurrier Serves Notice

Spurrier serves notice he’s for real After one week of pro football, it’s Ball Coach 1 – NFL 0. The Washington Redskins’ “ball coach,” Steve Spurrier, upped his record in coaching debuts to 4-0 with a 31-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals that highlighted a bizarre first weekend in the NFL. Of all the wins

College Blues

College Blues

Miami dominated. Florida flopped.

Blown Over

Blown Over

I’ve seen SportsCenter nine times tonight and we lose every time.


from A Man-child in Lotusland, at rebecca mead dot com O‘Neal is one of the largest men alive. He wears size-22 basketball shoes, which are made for him by a company called Starter; they are all white and finished with a shiny gloss, reminiscent, in their sheen and size, of the hull of a luxury

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