There’s nothing in the world quite as much fun as a quartet of singing horses to brighten your Monday morning.

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  1. THanks for the info on the survey scam I’ve gotten several in my email recently like and Which after reading your info I know they are scams they want $32.95 to get you started. Thanks for the info.

  2. that is way too funny…

  3. hey!
    what do u guys mean?? do u mean that surveyjunction is all a big scam? and they exist only to get the money without any real benefits?
    then how come they r still existing? how come some one didnt bust them off?

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  4. the best thing since the goons

  5. the singing horses is the funniest thing i have ever heard!!! i listened to them like twenty times and made my friends sing with them!! we all love them!!!!!!

  6. excellent…send me more that are similiar…very creative

  7. how can i get the horses emailed to me so i can access them anytime?? my six month old loves them, but is very impatient!! 🙂 please help!

  8. avatar
    Ashkalafouzie Blummis

    It’s definitely crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide, nicht wahr?

  9. how are you

  10. I LOVE those horses! I have never before kept an e-mail. Great work. Alva Henderson

  11. Hi I didn’t get to see yr comments on surveyjunction scam but i would really appreciate it if u or anyone for that matter would send me info on any scams that u know of. I am looking for a internet home-base business or work but I can’t afford to get bitten pls reply to Tinekeng@hotmail .com soon thanks heaps bye

  12. hahaha la is fun lol

  13. i want more singing horses not just 4 this sucks

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