What system are people using to create web sites that have .do files? It seems that every site I visit that employs this coding is slow, slow, slow. Men’s Health and Capital One both have sites built with tons of .do files and redirects and both of them drive me nuts.

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  1. Funny you mention this. I told you that this was the next big thing that will pretty much eliminate .Net. You are now starting to notice Ruby on Rails.

  2. It is also possible that these sites are using Java and the struts framework. Most financial institutions use struts because it make massive apps easier to work with.

  3. Josh,… isn’t Ruby on Rails efficient and fast? I’ve seen what it can do, but I wouldn’t describe it as slow. Take ODEO for instance, it’s a great implementation of RoR. Really slick n’ kewl.

  4. It’s not necessarily Ruby On Rails.
    It could be anything from PHP to Python and Perl.
    Just add the proper handler in your htaccess file and you could have any extension interpreted by any language.

  5. Correction — it is NOT Ruby on Rails. Yes, modifying the htaccess file or setting a MIME type in IIS will make any extension work for a MIME of your choice. It is Java and the strut framework. Everyone from Tivo, Showtime, Verizonwireless is implementing it.

    I never said that Ruby is slow. Mr. Gagne did. It’s is my impression that Ruby is very fast…and is the Open Source answer to .Net.

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