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Keeping Track of Passwords

For many years now I have been delighted that the words “username” and “password” are the same length. A fixed-width font in a text file full of server addresses, usernames, and passwords therefore looks quite organized.

Dot Don’t

What system are people using to create web sites that have .do files? It seems that every site I visit that employs this coding is slow, slow, slow. Men’s Health and Capital One both have sites built with tons of .do files and redirects and both of them drive me nuts.

Protect Images with .htaccess

A few thousand of my hits every day are coming from some little geeks using an old web cam shot of my buddy’s as their avatar in forums. It’s quite funny, because I think they think that they’re actually linking to a different image. It’s pretty annoying, so I implemented scriptygoddess’ code to protect images

Does anybody know of any way to have IIS automatically restart itself every few hours? Do tell.

Configure IIS to Parse CGI Files

Here’s what you want to do: You want your Windows 2000 web server to always execute files with a *.cgi extension. You want your Windows 2000 web server to parse the ASP code that you’ve embedded in files that end in *.htm, *.shtml, *.css. You want your Windows 2000 web server to know that it

Hosting Controller

Hosting Controller looks interesting. Anyone have any experience with it?

I have MovableType running now and this blog, Works in Progress is a MovableType blog! I’m using DreamHost as my web host, and thought – on the off-chance that anyone reads anything here ever – that I’d note some things specific to DreamHost. The most important thing to note is that under DreamHost a user has an account root. This is where you should place your MovableType db directory.

I have several domains hosted at DreamHost, so when I connect using WS_FTP I start in my root account. That means I’m presented with a directory for each of the domains I have hosted there. Aside from some shell-specific variable files, this root directory only contains one directory for each domain hosted, and, now, my MovableType db directory.

The path to your root account at DreamHost is simply: /home/username/

So, assuming you name your db directory db, the DataSource variable in your mt.cfg file should read: DataSource /home/username/db

Obviously replace username with your DreamHost username.

Server 54

The University of North Carolina has finally found a network server that, although missing for four years, hasn’t missed a packet in all that time. Try as they might, university administrators couldn’t find the server. Working with Novell Inc., IT workers tracked it down by meticulously following cable until they literally ran into a wall.

require www in URL

It drives me nuts that you need to enter the www to get to the University of Florida Home Page. Just typing won’t get you there.

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