So I went to the doctor’s today. I have what is probably the twentieth sinus infection I’ve gotten since I moved to LA 5+ years ago. This one is really killing me, especially since I thought that I had gotten over it last week. I am on Round Two of antibiotics. Blech.

Didn’t Ms. Curie die of radiation poisoning?

The doc took six x-rays of my head, which was pretty cool. It’s rare that I get to see my inner workings. I barely remember the last time I was x-rayed; I was in my early teens I think. I remember thinking that it was awesome to get to see your own bones. This time I was wondering about whether it was safe to bombard your brain with radiation. Didn’t M. Curie die of radiation poisoning?

It’s way cool to see an x-ray of your own skull. I have — and I quote — “abnormally large sinuses”. Just the top ones, mind you. The lower ones, under my cheeks, are about average. But the ones sort of in the forehead, over the eyes? He said they were just really huge compared to most people’s. I asked him if that was something good or something bad. Like, could I brag about it at work? He said, “No, it’s just interesting.”

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