Sushi PillowThe marketing copy on the site reads, “Finally you may now purchase a giant sushi in the form of a soft and comfortable pillow!” Because, y’know, you have until now probably been inundated with options for lower-quality, black-market, rip-off sushi pillows.

from the always comical danelope

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  1. Is there a fugu pillow? And if so, do you have to lay on it a certain way so that you don’t get poisoned?

    Remember the days when pillows were just… pillows? Why do they have to make pillows resemble food? What next, sheets that make your bed look like a plate? Would that be a good idea?

    Think about it… if you’re ever attacked by a 40 ft. sushi-lovin Godzilla, he’d go straight for you and your plate-of-sushi-lookin’ bedroom. That’d just be horrible.

  2. Well, yes, but on the plus side you could just toss your pillows at him. That might distract him enough to allow you to escape.

    Although … he may get pissed when he realizes that it’s not real sushi. You’re pretty much screwed either way. Just another reason to move far away from any place where Godzilla could potentially be.

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