Memphis HollywoodWe found yet another fabulous restaurant last night: Memphis. (map). This “Southern Style Dining” establishment is located in Hollywood in “the last remaining residential house … left on this highly commercialized street.” It’s quirky and fun to eat in a restaurant that used to be a house. The lighting is very romantic and the food was excellent. I had the jambalaya appetizer and the fried chicken and ribs combo and — I have to tell you — it was the best piece of chicken I’ve ever had. Dinner for four, including appetizers, plenty of libations, and a nice gratuity, came to about $300, which is really not that bad for a good place in LA. The service was only so-so, but I think the place was a bit understaffed; it was a slow Wednesday night. If you have a hankering for a taste of N’awlins and you’re stuck in SoCal, I highly recommend it.

Someone please tell me: What is it that possesses every eatery in LA to blow big money on multimedia menu sites? Why do people insist on craptacular Flash-based websites? Check it out: I don’t ever want to hear music from my computer when I’m looking at your site. Stop doing this. Every designer in business today needs to have this fact beaten into his skull. Do not play music without asking me. It is more obnoxious than the old Netscape <blink> tag. I use my own music software, like pretty much everyone else in the world. I am already listening to music that I like. I don’t want to hear the music you want me to hear.

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  1. I also have eaten at memphis and enjoyed it!

  2. A Hollywood restaurant sporting a Tennessee name and serving N’Awlin’s food? Even as convoluted as that is, it made me hungry for mudbugs and Gumbo. Can’t wait until summer when I can put a pig in the ground and fill the pickup bed with ice and beer.

    Yer invited David, I’ll even barbecue a goat…

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