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Hey, hey, Hollywood. I’ve got an idea. Instead of re-releasing the craptacular and uninspiring Clash of the Titans in 3D, why not re-release Star Wars: Episode IV in its original format? (i.e. no walking Jabba, no Greedo shooting first) In fact you really should simply do this every five years or so. Get on that, okay?

Memphis Hollywood

We found yet another fabulous restaurant last night: Memphis. (map). This “Southern Style Dining” establishment is located in Hollywood in “the last remaining residential house … left on this highly commercialized street.” It’s quirky and fun to eat in a restaurant that used to be a house. The lighting is very romantic and the food

Celebrity Skin – Hole

Celebrity Skin – Hole

Honeysuckle, she’s full of poison

weather in Los Angeles and Florida

<understatement>One of the little differences between California and Florida is the weather.</understatement> Today we are under a “Severe Wind” warning. What the heck does that mean? In Florida we were always under “Thunderstorm” warnings or “Tornado” warnings” or “Torrential Freakin’ Downpour” warnings. I don’t really know what to do to prepare for “Severe Wind”. I

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