MTV completely redesigned their site. They switched from all-Flash to (gasp!) all-HTML. Brilliant.

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  1. I hate this new design setup!! I want the old one back, it was extremely convienant and reasonable. I had just discovered this website right before you changed the da….. thing and I hate the new one. Please change it back. I don’t want to get so frustrated with the new one that I forgo the entire website alltogether. Besides the visual appeal of the old website is definitly better!!

  2. I posted about this on a couple of blogs, so I might as well post here too. I have been studying MTV Networks as a professional marketing demographer for several years. The problems with the web group are a microcosm of MTVN as a whole. Their market is deteriorating, and they have been unable to respond appropriately. I predicted the February layoff (500 person) early last year, and I am predicting at least two more similar ones over the next 18 -24 months. Their only bright side are their Nick properties. Unfortunately, increasing pressure from the Walt Disney Co. is likely to continue to erode their numbers too. The management structure at MTVN has been incapable of responding appropriately, because they are either unable, or unwilling to accept the root cause of the problem. Likely as not, upper management at Viacom will step in at some point and do some major bloodletting in the management ranks, and bring in new talent. Then you will begin to see major improvements in all properties across the board.

  3. The new Nielsen ratings show that something is still not working. They need to get back to their roots of doing music videos. I watch the ratings for their Total Request Live show, which is one of the few “music-oriented” shows left on the network. As for the “Live” part, the show is taped two days in advance. They are thinking of renaming the show to YouRL (as in “Dead Link”). The show garners only about 100,000 viewers in the critical 12-17 demographic. I think that our local evening newscast does better. I think artists are better off introducing their new videos on Yahoo!. MTV, get back to your roots, while you still can.


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