If you put the seam right over the hole, the coffee drips.

StarbucksWhen the barista at Starbucks handed me my coffee this morning, the hole in the lid was directly over the seam in the cup. This, I have come to learn, is a recipe for disaster. If the hole is within a centimeter of the seam you are almost guaranteed to experience “coffee drip” on your shirt. Walking into the office with a coffee stain in the middle of your shirt is a rotten way to start a Monday.

As politely and nicely as I could be at 5:30 in the morning, I asked, “Are you a new guy?” I hadn’t seen the barista and I was earnestly trying to be a good citizen of the world.

“No,” he replied, “I’ve worked at Starbucks for a while.”

“Oh,” I said, removing the lid and repositioning it, “it’s just that if you put the seam right over the hole, the coffee drips.”

He looked as if I had insulted him horribly and was a terribly rude customer. I was embarrassed and hastily grabbed my coffee. Of course I hadn’t snapped the lid all the way and so spilled coffee on the counter and the floor. “Figures,” I said, trying to at least allow him to laugh at me. No such luck. Just a disapproving stare.

So I left, got in the truck, and then hit the steering wheel with the coffee, causing it to splash from the hole onto my jeans and the seat.

Happy Monday!

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  1. The Coffee Gods are punishing you for spending $3.50 more than you should have imo.

  2. It’s only $1.60 for a small coffee, dude.

  3. Apparently you only drink plain, black coffee then. My wife’s tall, non-fat, decaf, mocca-latte, with a splash of peppermint runs $4 and some change.

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