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Men’s Health Subscription Customer Service

Look, I love Men’s Health magazine, and not just because at least once each issue for the last five years — I’ve been keeping track! — an article has mentioned the University of Florida. I had my subscription set to automatically renew every year. But when I switched banks from Washington Mutual to Bank of

Bally’s Total Fitness Account Update

Dealing with my hacked checking account has been a major pain in the ass. I have had to update dozens of companies who were automatically debiting my checkcard. The fine people at Bally’s Total Fitness allow you to pay your bill online, but for some reason it is near impossible to determine how to update

The Seam and the Hole

If you put the seam right over the hole, the coffee drips.

Blue Cross of California Member Registration

The new member registration form at the Blue Cross of California website has what I consider to be several major bugs. A user’s username must contain a number and a letter. Because this is not exactly a ‘net “standard”, they need to do a better job of bringing this to your attention. When you submit

Rock, Paper, Scissors at Work

Rochambeau the front line. Seth is brilliant.

The Secret Superpower of Starbucks

When I have the opportunity I am apt to choose the underdog. Aside from the sinfully delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte, for example, I dislike Starbucks and will generally go to the mom-and-pop coffee shops scattered around Los Angeles. More often than not lately, though, I am finding that Starbucks’ secret superpower is consistency. Mussolini kept

Gators Championship Package from Sports Illustrated

Gators Championship Package from Sports Illustrated

At some point about fifteen years ago I subscribed to Sports Illustrated. With the exception of a tragic few months during which most of my mail was trapped shuffling between coasts, I haven’t missed an issue. Generally I ignore all the commemorative editions and t-shirt and sweatshirt offers; I have enough t-shirts and sweatshirts to

Grocery Trickery

Where do I go to complain about grocery store shenanigans? I’m at the end of my rope with Ralph’s, the local supermarket here in Los Angeles. There are two things they are doing to blatantly defraud customers and it’s driving me crazy.

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