Jay LenoI just saw a commercial for “the last month” of Jay on The Tonight Show. This really, really bothers me. I feel simultaneously like I am losing a close friend and as if he just took over for Johnny a few months ago. It’s like I’m just now getting used to him and I’ve known him forever at the same time. (Watching Headlines is always one of the highlights of my week.) Yes, I love Conan, don’t get me wrong; and I’m sure he’ll make an awesome host. But man, I remember how sad I was when Johnny retired. A world without Jay as the host … it’s inconceivable …

I’ve been living in LA for a little over eight years now and it seems like every few months I say, “Man, I really want to go to a taping of The Tonight Show.” Time is short now. I’ve got to move this up on the priority list.

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