As soon as I saw the story about giant jellyfish sinking a Japanese trawler posted on MetaFilter, I sent the link to my friend Ryan via instant messenger. (Ryan, I know, is fascinated by tales from the Japanese fishing industry.) He said, “[the] story would’ve been perfect if the jellyfish had actually eaten the crew,” which I thought was sort of insensitive. But whatever. I said that I, for one, welcome our new jellyfish overlords.

And that’s when Ryan really surprised me. His response was,

I’ll start to worry when they crawl up off the beach to eat me. until then, I’ll file them under ‘minor threat as long as you don’t end up on a jellyfish fishing trawler’.

So I have to assume that Ryan’s computer looks like this:

Absurd Directory Structure

I mean, really? That’s just absurd, isn’t it? Who keeps their files organized with that much specificity? How would you ever find anything if your directories looked like his? The dude is simply nuts.

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