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Absurd Directory Structures

As soon as I saw the story about giant jellyfish sinking a Japanese trawler posted on MetaFilter, I sent the link to my friend Ryan via instant messenger. (Ryan, I know, is fascinated by tales from the Japanese fishing industry.) He said, “[the] story would’ve been perfect if the jellyfish had actually eaten the crew,”

Visiting Atlanta

Last Sunday we had lunch with the Tobers at Six Feet Under in Atlanta. I had a terrific fried catfish po’ boy and about six gallons of sweet tea. You just cannot get sweet tea in Los Angeles anywhere, so it was a treat. Then on Tuesday, before the presidential debate, we had dinner at

Ryan Tober

<Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice> I have got to get y’all to give out a louuuuud Gator-chompin’, foot-stompin’, party-rompin’, company-credit-card-compin’ Happy 30th – I say THIRTY-ETH – Birth-a-day to my son Ryan Tober in Hotlanta, Jaw-ja! </Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice> (Gift en route.)


Every now and then Ryan just totally floors me. I’ll have to aplogize to Dan for this I’m sure …

Two bloggers on one webcam

Two bloggers on one webcam! In which I visit Ryan‘s desk to show him exactly how cool it is that I snagged the code to include my hotlist in my sidebar. Thanks dandot!

webcam image of Ryan ToberThis rather candid photo of Ryan shows exactly why I created the MetaCamPage.


Okay … yes I mercilessly am blogging something from twice in a row. The previous one was terrible, but maybe it was because it was a non-monkey-themed page. I guess if he sticks to chimps he’s okay. (This is one of the funniest sites I’ve seen in weeks.)


Ryan blogged this and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. This thing has a dialect that sounds more like bad Chinese than ‘robot-speak’. Oh well … he’s new.

Ryan finally has a page!

Ryan finally has a page! You go now! You go! Click link! You see Ryan now!

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