• If you are (a) a man or (b) a woman, you should read Kay S. Hymowitz’ Love in the Time of Darwinism: A report from the chaotic postfeminist dating scene, where only the strong survive.
  • Fascinating facts can be found with a statistical analysis of graffiti found at the University of Chicago Library.
  • I never knew there was a name specifically for the edges of uncut book pages.
  • In 1959 the Santa Susana Field Laboratory suffered a partial radioactive meltdown, leading to the contamination of the neighboring hills in Canoga Park. Now a group of Oak Park tenth-graders — Teens Against Toxins — are trying to reverse that contamination with a bake sale. (The cities of Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, and Chatsworth all have extremely high rates of cancers similar to only one other place in the world: Chernobyl.)
  • There are literally hundreds of t-shirts in my closet, and I swore I wouldn’t get any more. But I must have this one. (Maybe I will have one of my other ones turned into a sleeve for my MacBook Pro.)

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  1. would you say, though, that those Alpha Male “neg her” sites are really the average mindset of nonmarried guys today? those seem more typical of sufferers of misogynistic “nice guy” syndrome. most of the guys i’ve encountered who still harbor bitterness over being skipped over for the “bad guys” actually aren’t that nice when you get down to it. all too often there’s a rudimentary understanding of what “nice” is (opening doors, listening to her romantic woes while never asking her out) that doesn’t really include emotional openness, genuine altruism, or basic kindness. in my experience, those former “nice guys” simply are looking for an excuse to be a jerk now–and attribute their former hard luck with women to their prior lack of Alpha Male syndrome (notably, not their alcoholism, or lack of ambition, or inability to hold an interesting conversation).

    as a woman, when i hear a guy talking about bad luck with women being due to being “too nice,” or women being “golddiggers,” i immediately walk away. truly nice guys are nice by nature–not to score–and often don’t make a big deal of kindness. to them, it’s second nature, it’s “what’s right,” it’s how to live your life. the truly nice guys understand that women have probably largely the same motivations in delaying marriage as they do (based on the notion we’re not that different when you get down to it)–career, fears, education, idealism. i think (and hope) the article was focusing on the lamer minority rather than speaking for the average single 20/30something male.

  2. “Maybe we turn to video games not because we are trying to run away from the responsibilities of a ‘grown-up life’ but because they are a better companion than some disease-ridden bar tramp who is only after money and a free ride.” -This quote is by a dude named Alex in the article-

    If the kind of dudes this writer was interviewing is generalizing all women as a disease-ridden bar tramp, and would not think this was a sexist thing to say, then who the hell would want to date these guys anyway?

    Also, generalizing an entire population based on their sex into boring stereotypes that you see in boring RomCom movies is pretty…dangerous to both men and women.

    Also, this quote: “When our guy was a boy, the media prattled on about “girl power,” parents took their daughters to work, and a mysterious plague seemed to have killed off boys, at least white ones, from school textbooks” boo-effing-hoo. Not interested in hearing about the poor nice white dudes, and how they are the minority now.

    And: “It’s a safe bet that for all the confusions and humiliations of dating, most men will still try to be nice guys who say “please” and avoid asking a woman about her sexual history until, say, the third date.” umm what? that’s what being a nice guy is all about? Not asking about sexual history until the *third date*? I don’t even see how it’s anyone’s business what your sexual history is, third date or not. Oh wait, that’s right, a “nice” guy needs to know if the girl he’s on his date with is a virgin or a **** ….or at least, experienced enough to be sexy, but not “too” experienced to be a **** . Woops.

    These excerpts started to kill the credibility of this article for me, regardless of it being a woman who wrote it, in fact, it’s always more disheartening reading this bull **** from a woman, but maybe that’s my issue in thinking *all* women would be self-aware enough to see that this is bull **** . I should know better by now.

    “We are animals, the new Darwinians seem to say; get used to it. They define manhood as alpha-style toughness and unsentimental promiscuity. And in that spirit, they cultivate manipulation, calculation, and naked (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) self-interest. “Nature doesn’t care about hurting people’s feelings,” explains dating coach Mike Pilinski. “It cares ONLY about reproductive success.”
    -Oh, gay relationships don’t exist. Bonus. (but that goes without saying in these kinds of articles).-

    This article veers pretty close to schools of thought who blame feminism, along with our so called “hookup culture” for the decline in marriage etc. *Yawn* like that’s a bad thing lol 🙂

    last but not least, saying we live in a post feminist world is liking saying we are living in a post racial world = untrue and naive.

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