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Real Products for Fictional Companies

The excellent local blog CurbedLA had an entry recently on artist Mark Bennett’s blueprints of fictional places. He has created very detailed floor-plans of famous pretend places, like the homes of George and Jane Jetson, Rob and Laura Petrie, and June and Ward Cleaver. (There’s a book, too!) I thought these were terrific so I

T-Shirt Hell Rules

Last week Kelly told me to start following Sunshine Megatron — the founder of T-Shirt Hell — on Twitter, so I did. The first tweet I saw from @smegatron was a #followfriday request, so I posted a tweet saying that T-Shirt Hell is cool. (And that’s true. If I didn’t already have a closet full

Gators BCS Championship Gear

Gators BCS Championship Gear

To celebrate the Florida Gators third BCS Championship, I headed to the fantastic site and purchased a 2006 / 2008 hat combo pack and a couple of t-shirts. I guess they still had a bunch of 2006 hats in stock and were trying to get rid of them; you really can’t beat $34.99 for

I really dig the idea of Campus Quilt. I have probably a good two hundred t-shirts from crew and college; and growing up in Daytona Beach was like living in a land of free t-shirts And, hey, they say that “We completely quilt the entire quilt on a commercial quilting machine. It’s quiltarific!

The Bleeding Edge of Music

A perfect t-shirt for the cool kids in the music industry …

GI Joe t-shirts

Rad! Check out this collection of GI Joe t-shirts (and other 80s t-shirts)! How killer is that? link via Lost Pages

Cafepress Store

I added some new items to my store. I am the only one who has ever purchased anything from my store. Heh.

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