• Runmeter (iTunes) looks to be a very slick iPhone app for tracking runs. I can’t run the LA Marathon this year because it conflicts with Kelly’s bachelor party in Las Vegas, but I’ll probably grab this for training for the 2011 race.
  • Speaking of iPhone apps: The guys at AppAdvice really are on the ball. So far it’s the best blog I’ve found for discovering new apps. They write terrific reviews and always find the gems hidden in the glut of the tens of thousands of applications and games currently available in the iTunes store.
  • IkariamI have become completely addicted to Ikariam, a web-based Civilization-style game. It’s free to play, though I guarantee if you start you’ll quickly get hooked and want to pay for the premium features. (I’m on the Ny shard if you decide to give it a try and want to look for me.)
  • If you’ve been thinking about building a laptop-controlled robot made with LEGOs that can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 12 seconds, just give up. It’s already been done.
  • Kottke.org has a cool post with video showing a slew of television shows that you probably never would have guessed were shot on a green screen. Did you know that The Mentalist (allegedly set in Sacramento), Monk (allegedly set in San Francisco), and CSI: Miami (allegedly set in Miami) are all mostly filmed here in Los Angeles?
  • Have you subscribed to The Impossible Cool yet? Once or twice each week this blog posts a fantastic (and rarely-seen) photo of a cultural icon. Check out this killer image of Sean Connery. See also: Iconic Photos

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