• James Franco seems to be everywhere right now. There was a great article in New York Magazine last month — The James Franco Project — and it looks like he is going to be the star of September’s issue of Esquire. The crazy thing is that he legitimately sounds really interesting.
  • Console jocks, by Tim Carmody (guest blogging at kottke.org) is a great read, especially for fans of the Madden franchise. (Tim also wrote an excellent blog piece on one of my boyhood heroes: Charlie Chan.)
  • “Tony Nijhuis’ incredible R/C model plane not only looks just like the real B-50 bomber on which it’s based, it actually flies. The plane has a 19-foot wingspan, and took 2 years and $9000 to build.” (via @theawesomer)
  • It’s pretty tough to complain with this ESPN list of the Ten Best Sidekicks.
  • Do tigers like catnip? Yes. Yes, they do.
  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … we didn’t have fancy-pants computers to make scrolling text.
  • I did not know — but am not surprised to learn — that Shaquille O’Neal is working on his PhD.

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