In which he breaks a streak

Streak Broken

Nike Fuel Band

After watching the Gators get manhandled by the Bulldogs yesterday, I was understandably in a foul mood. I simply couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything. So my streak of hitting my 3750 daily Nike Fuel points goal ended at twenty-nine days. 1

My buddy Kelly gave me a Nike Fuel band for my 39th birthday this year and I love it. It is an amazing motivational tool. Since I started wearing it on July 17th, I’ve hit my goal sixty-one out of a possible 104 times. 2 And until Saturday I had hit my goal every day in October. I’m pretty disappointed in myself for letting the streak end. But that’s what all streaks do, of course. I didn’t hit my goal today, either; but the last eleven months or so have been emotionally exhausting as well as physically, so I decided to just relax.

Instead of putting my son in his crib at the end of the night and then going into the backyard to workout, we just sat in bed and I tried to teach him the difference between zone and man defense. (He mostly just did fist pumps and yelled, “FOO-bah!” but we had fun.)

I made my goal each day by running — which I track with the Nike Running iOS app — or doing P90X workouts. 3

Tomorrow I plan to start a new streak. I hope to roll out of bed at six and go for a nice long run.

I have 240 days until I turn 40.

1 I actually jumped out of bed at about eleven-fifteen at night (at my wife’s prodding) and powered through a P90X Kenpo workout, and at 11:59 PM my Fuel band showed that I’d earned 3777 points. But for some reason when I synchronized my Fuel Band with my iPhone via bluetooth it only gave me 3738 points for the day.
2 August was a bitch.
3 There was only one day in which I didn’t run or work out, but I did about five hundred jumping jacks just before midnight to make sure I hit my goal.

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