Running in LA

Century Plaza TowersIt’s always nice to run down Olympic Boulevard at dusk. The sun kisses the Century Plaza Towers and they look pretty cool. And even after seeing it almost every day for more than five years, I still can’t pass the Nakatomi building without thinking of Die Hard.

I’ve taken to cutting up El Camino Drive to Wilshire and going by the Beverly Wilshire, then coming back down Beverly Drive down to Pico. It’s nice because whether I do that at six in the morning or six at night, there are always lots of people in the coffee shops and walking dogs and window-shopping. Running is a sort of solitary experience, so sometimes I like getting to see other people.



Here are the songs I heard on my run:

  • Jammin’ MePetty, Tom & the Heartbreakers
  • Airplanes Pt 2 (featuring Hayley Williams & Eminem)B.O.B.
  • Bizarre Love TriangleNew Order
  • MagdalenaFlowers, Brandon
  • WhatsernameGreen Day
    The pace of this song isn’t optimal for running (for me, at least) but I love the track and couldn’t bring myself to skip it. The title of this post is from this song.
  • SinnermanSimone, Nina
    I actually played this track twice in a row, and since it’s a ten-minute song it comprised a large chunk of my run. This is one of the all-time best running songs for me.
  • Fix YouColdplay

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