XCode + Git

Source Code Control and XCode

I’ve written about how important it is to maintain automated, redundant, off-site backups of everything you hold dear in life. If you’re a developer, that’s even more important. The problem is that having a backup copy of your current code is usually not enough to help you in an emergency, because what you need is a copy of your code from two weeks ago, just before you decided to change something that you didn’t realize until yesterday was going to make everything else break.

That’s why God created source code repositories. I use GitHub but there are a few other ones that do the job just as well. For a long time I was only using GitHub for my web development projects, but a year or so ago I realized you can use it to manage XCode projects as well.

Here are two great links to get you started:

Note: If you are a SwiftUI developer, you need to get Core Data Mastery from Big Mountain Studio. You'll learn everything you need to take your apps to the next level.

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