Who Really Created Batman?

My mom loved Batman at least as much as she loved Superman, maybe more. She was the one who introduced me to Batman comics and I remember being in awe of the fact that she knew all about Ra’s al Ghul. I had just finished reading a story in which he turned out to secretly be the one behind some nefarious plot and when I told her who he was, she started telling me all about his back-story and how he had been fighting Batman for years and years. I couldn’t believe that my mom knew so much about comics!

Adam West died a few weeks ago. My sister and I only very, very rarely ever watched his version of Batman. We didn’t ever really watch the original Star Trek or George ReevesSuperman, either; that stuff was much too campy for us. But of course we knew all about them. A flurry of articles about Batman appeared in my Twitter feed after West died and one in particular caught my eye: The True Creator of Batman Never Got Credit, and Now His Granddaughter Fights to Correct History.

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