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Dropkick Murphys

I bought a CD today. It was a little bit strange. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual compact disc. I’m sure this isn’t the first one I’ve bought since I moved to LA seven years ago, but I know that since I got my iPod the number of CDs I’ve purchased

Need custom designed blank CDRs and cases? Check out This place looks like an excellent resource. They “offer pre-designed silkscreened blank cdr’s as well as regular 5″ and 3″ blanks, sets of cdr’s with cases, individual cases, dvd’s, storage items and wearables.” Very hep. link via dan

Weblogger CD Swap

What a great idea! Burn, Baby Burn! – Weblogger CD Swap! The premise of this is simple. Simply sign up to one of participants. By signing up, you commit to making a summer-themed CD of your favorites tunes. On March 31, 2002, you’ll receive the names and addresses of five other bloggers, and it will


Mixonic CD Duplication Services will “create pro-quality CDs with printed color labels (no stickers). Professional production within 2 business days.” This looks awesome! link via

CDs is a faboo site for all your cd-recording needs. They have links to all kinds of great stuff. It must be a British site, since everything appears to be in pounds, but it warrants closer inspection. I’m looking for some good cd-sleeve printing software (again). Does anyone have a favorite program? The EZSleeves web


Here are some good CD-R software links: CloneCD techtv CD Burning Software RoundUp IgD’s CD-R Portal cdmediaworld


*Note: There is no new song in this post. So you have an audio CD and you want to convert some of the songs on it into mp3 format. How in the world do you do that? It’s easier than you think. There are only about a million places on line with tutorials and software


A windows program to rip mp3s

Pearl Jam Albums

Here is a list of all the Pearl Jam CDs I own. I’m missing a couple of them, so at some point I’ll have to go through my bix box of CDs.

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