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No Fingers!

Linda Fletcher experienced her first heartbreak of the Super Bowl on Wednesday morning when the bellhop was removing her luggage from the cab at her hotel. “They said I couldn’t take my foam finger to the game,” the Boston woman lamented. “I’ve taken it to every game this season. It’s the good luck charm that

Go Bucs!

A couple of Bucs fans in Largo, FL are seriously annoying their neighbors with the replica pirate ship and cannons they have in the front yard. The pirate ship, it seems, is just an eyesore. The neighbors are really mad about the cannon blasts after each touchdown though!

Fan Support

I gotta say that Death Valley didn’t live up to it’s reputation. Here is a picture that you might think was taken 2 hours before kick off. It wasn’t. This is at the start of the third quarter. The LSU football team never gave up on the field but the fans threw in the towel

Fake Fans, Fake Buzz

Fake Fans, Fake Buzz, Real Bucks After being blindsided by the Web hype on “The Blair Witch Project,” movie studios are paying for phony sites, often striving for the clunky naivete of a genuine effort.



With the fan lockout lifted for one day, about 5,000 Florida faithful showed up at The Swamp on Friday afternoon expecting to see a dress rehearsal for next Saturday’s opener against Ball State.

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