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Man. The Bucs are just horrible. How the hell did they even make the playoffs? They are pathetic.

It didn’t mean all that much at the time. Early last March free-agent quarterback Elvis Grbac took a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Maryland home of Ravens coach Brian Billick. It was assumed that Baltimore would sign free agent Brad Johnson, who had played for Minnesota for seven years while Billick was an assistant coach there. But after Grbac expressed a strong desire to play for Billick (during a five-hour meeting that took place while Billick’s daughter’s slumber party raged in the next room), the Ravens decided to offer the same contract to both quarterbacks and sign whichever one agreed to the terms first. Grbac jumped at the deal, and a few days later Johnson signed with the Buccaneers. On Saturday night (ABC, 9:00 ET) Grbac and Johnson face off when Tampa Bay (8-6) hosts Baltimore (9-5). Each team needs a win to qualify for the playoffs; Johnson needs a victory to prove to Billick that he made the wrong choice last spring.

Go Bucs!

A couple of Bucs fans in Largo, FL are seriously annoying their neighbors with the replica pirate ship and cannons they have in the front yard. The pirate ship, it seems, is just an eyesore. The neighbors are really mad about the cannon blasts after each touchdown though!

Danny Wuerffel helped the Florida Gators win the 1996 National Championship. I can’t believe he is going from the crappiest team in the NFL (the Saints), to the best team in NFL Europe (the Fire), to the team I hate most in the NFL (the Packers). Not only did the cheeselogs beat my Patriots in the ’96 Super Bowl, but they are the most hated enemy of my Tampa Bay Bucs.

<overly melodramatic>Why?! Why is life so unfair?!</overly melodramatic>

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