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Alternatives to ICQ

Alternatives to ICQ: KIM Trillian Odigo imici jabber Rival Tools for ICQ: ICQ Tools ICQ Configuration Help


It’s raining. I can’t use icq. And now this. Can we at least keep the mini-wetlog?! Crap. At least they got rid of that annoying twit Kimmie.

“I hang on the picayune details of your whirlwhind, jet-set bicoastal life.”
Brad Graham

AOL Instant Messenger

I finally broke down and got an AIM account: GatorDVG For some reason I cannot send eMail from my account. I can receive eMail with no problem. If it takes me longer than you would expect to reply, that is the reason. Hopefully the problem is temporary and will resolve itself soon. <knocks on

Sorry, Wrong I.M.

Sorry, Wrong I.M. – I am *so* glad I don’t have *this* problem!

Blogging Poem

Apparently I’ve upset some of you by working all day today! This, via ICQ: Are you alive today? Are you dead? O! When will you blog the crazy thoughts in your head?

“you my friend, are, if possible, more obtuse than i am.”
Brad Graham, via ICQ


today, i wish to be known as “Lethal Weapon Lisa Daly, Righteous Owner of the Fist of Doom” but you can call me LWLDROOTFOD. – received via ICQ

“screw context, i’ll make up my own stuff … it’s much more fun that way …”
received via ICQ


Sometimes when I don’t have ICQ running I still think I’m seeing something flickering in the status bar. Then I look to see who is arriving and all I see is the time. This somehow worries me. [Note: I am not avoiding anyone. I just want to finish dishin’ out my heapin’ helpin’ of wonderfulness

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A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


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