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My New Name’s Random Title and Name Generator indicates that I should refer to myself as Chairman of The Association for the Promotion of Women’s Prison Movies, David Vincent Gagne. It’s a bit much for a business card, but I like it. [link via Elise]


Yes. I did toy with the idea of naming it “All Your Blog This! Right-Click Context Menu Are Belong to Us”. But I didn’t.

Mobster Name

My Mobster Name is Rollo The Mook. I don’t get it. [link lifted from weblog wannabe]

Anagram Generator

I just discovered – after visiting Brendan’s On-Line Anagram Generator – that you can rearrange the letters in my dad’s name to spell Animal Wiggle.

Glam Name

Has Bloggerville seen enough wacky name generators? I don’t think so! My Glam Name is Hologram Goldsex.

Regeneration Technologies, Inc.

{dvg @ work} There is a woman in my office named Dawn. Dawn is walking around the office eating a raw hot dog, holding it like a popsicle. Dawn is very odd. I should also note that there is a woman in my office named Debbie Dallas. No, I’m not kidding. No one ever believes

My Name Is Not Dick

Contrary to popular belief, my name is not Dick.

Pronunciation of Gagne

My family and I pronounce it Gag-nee. The French, and technically correct, pronunciation is Gahn-yay. It is not Gayn-je or Gang-ee. It’s not Gag-en or Ganj-ee.

harrumph! has easily the best Bond Girl Name so far.

Bond Girl Name

My Bond Girl Name is Uda Kister which, if it’s one of the first things you see in the morning, seems quite comical. (from the Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due Department: link sproinked from joe’s webwaste)

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A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


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