Friday Night

Went to see the Fab Four at the Canyon Club tonight. They were pretty awesome (as far as cover bands go). They changed costumes a few times and played probably two dozen Beatles songs. They weren’t the Red Elvises or anything, but it was a good show and a lot of fun.

There’s not much else to do in Agoura Hills on a Friday night.

The place was packed, but I got the feeling that there wasn’t much else to do in Agoura Hills on a Friday night. If you go to a show at the Canyon Club, eat first. The very few items on the menu all started over $20. I went for the rib-eye and was severely disappointed. I don’t cry about spending $30+ for a good steak, and the one I got was huge, but it was mostly gristle and fat.

I should add something about the fact that Budweiser Select is actually a very good beer and not a new-fangled low-carb diet beer, but since I didn’t try it for two months because that’s what I assumed it was, I’ll keep my mouth shut until their marketing department gets a clue.

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