Posts from April 2005

Is that a burrito in your pocket or …

A call about a possible weapon at a middle school prompted police to put armed officers on rooftops, close nearby streets and lock down the school. All over a giant burrito. The drama ended two hours later when the suspicious item was identified as a 30-inch burrito filled with steak, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and jalapenos

Song of the Moment

If you’re a long-time reader you’ll know that I have a penchant for periodically posting songs for you to purloin download. I call these the “Songs of the Moment”. The only catch is that you have to download it and listen to learn what the song is. This one’s a gem I just got today:

Good Karma

Good Karma

In which I find a lost phone

Stars and Stripes Forever

Everything in this country would just be a whole lot better if everyone simply listened to a bit more John Philip Sousa. I mean, really. Why do we have to wait until July 4th? This stuff is just terrific. How can you hear these things and not want to go vote and settle the West

New Nike Sox Cap

What the hell is this? I just got an email from Lids telling me that Nike’s got a new BoSox cap. Are they on crack or something? An “S” with the red socks? It looks ridiculous, and most people won’t even know it’s a Red Sox cap! Check it out: S == Seattle S <>

Latin for Everyone

I think I’m going to have to add some of these to my email sig. Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam! Because, you know, interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europe vincendarum.

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