Remember sniglets? Rich Hall invented the word to describe words that aren’t in “the dictionary”, but should be. It was one of his sketches on HBO‘s Not Necessarily the News. It’s very hard to believe that was 20 years ago.

There should — there must — be a sniglet that describes what happens once you have become so used to Tivo that you find yourself increasingly often wanting to Tivo everything else in life. I find myself constantly wanting to pause and rewind the radio, people in meetings, traffic, etc. (I’m guessing this is the main premise of Adam Sandler‘s new movie, Click, by the way.)

But that’s not the point of this entry. Sometime in the early 00s I took part in the Neurotic Fishbowl‘s “Burn It” blogger CD exchange. One of the songs on one of the CDs I received was The Twilite Kid by The Afghan Whigs, or by Greg Dulli, or by The Twilight Singers (depending upon which web site you believe). I fell in love with the song and listened to it exclusively for weeks. It’s a tremendous song.

(This was way back when iPods didn’t exist yet. There was no iTunes. I actually (gasp!) listened to it on repeat on CD.)

Rescue MeAbout a month ago Denis Leary was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart promoting the new season of Rescue Me. This has got to be the best show on TV now that the Sopranos has jumped the shark and West Wing has gone the way of the dodo. (Entourage is a close second.)

Towards the end of his interview, Leary flashed a copy of Powder Burns, the latest CD by The Twilight Singers, saying that it’s a great album and everyone should buy it.

Powder BurnsI said to myself — after using Tivo to rewind it and freeze so I could see the album again, “Hey! That’s the band that did that great song from three or four years ago!” And it was. Is. Whatever. Anyway. It’s an awesome CD. I fired up Limewire and grabbed it that night. The best song on the album is called Bonnie Brae.

Last night I finally watched last week’s Tivo’ed episode of Rescue Me. Damn! The ending will blow you away (if you haven’t seen it yet). If you’re wondering what the awesome song was at the end, during the climactic conclusion, it was Bonnie Brae.

Of course I’m writing all this while listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, so maybe my opinion can’t be trusted.