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Wireless TiVo, Part 2

After waiting for a week for my male-to-male USB cable to finally arrive from Amazon, I was thoroughly disappointed to find that my old Linksys WUSB11 doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s because the little guy got fried sitting in the garage at some point in the last few years. Perhaps it’s because the antenna was snapped

Wireless TiVo

There is a slim chance that you may not have realized yet that I am a technology geek. In case there’s any doubt, let me explain to you what’s been driving me batty for a few weeks now: My wireless TiVo system. Which one is TiVo-approved? In our two-person, two-dog, two-cat house we have two

Television: Getting Better All the Time

Anybody out there notice a trend? It seems like the quality of shows has suddenly gotten much better in the last two or three years. My TiVo runneth over. That’s how I can tell. I can’t remember a time since the early 90s when there were so many really, really good shows on the tube.

Deadliest Catch

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I have TiVo. The Discovery Channel is starting a new series: Deadliest Catch, about Alaskan deep-sea crab fishing. The tagline is $140,000 for 5 days’ work is a job some men would die for. And some do. (I’ll ignore the dangling preposition.) How can that

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