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What Else Is On?

My good friend Bill has started a new comedy site. It’s “sketch comedy that doesn’t suck” and it’s pretty damn funny. (Do me a solid and add to your myspace friends.)

Unbearable Pain

Imagine an uppercase U. A big U. Look at it from above. Let’s pretend that this U is your tongue. Now let’s pretend that you are in an airplane over the Gulf of Mexico and you’re happily eating some pumpkin seeds and reading the issue of Wired with Stephen Colbert on the cover and you […]

Hollywood Minute

Here’s something that’s been nagging at me lately: Why don’t you ever see commercials for fruits and vegetables? I realize that apples and bananas and squash aren’t really all that sexy, and the mega-corporations that sell them all — Dole, etc. — do some vague advertising for their processed products (like OJ and pineapple chunks). […]