Bananas!Here’s something that’s been nagging at me lately: Why don’t you ever see commercials for fruits and vegetables? I realize that apples and bananas and squash aren’t really all that sexy, and the mega-corporations that sell them all — Dole, etc. — do some vague advertising for their processed products (like OJ and pineapple chunks). But where are the celebrity endorsements? It seems like every other day there’s a new report on how damn fat everyone is. The government blows money like a drunk at a strip club on pointless crap like invading other countries and getting boneheads elected to office. Why don’t the people running this country shell out a few bucks for a tomato ad to run during Fear Factor? Wouldn’t it be great to see Paris Hilton being sexy peeling a banana? How many little American chubbies would skip Taco Bell and grab an apple if Tom Cruise popped into prime time to say how cool it was to eat one? Just a thought …

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  1. I agree with your idea about veggies, etc. Two things: 1) the produce you see in a store doesn’t all come from the same source. Even in a bin filled with broccoli at Wal-Mart several suppliers will have contributed so they may not feel it worth the trouble. 2) In Australia the incredibly popular children’s group the Wiggles do shill for the Apple Board there and are never without biting one.

    That said, the Milk Advisory board and the Beef Board have certainly done a big ad campaign over the years. We just have to get the various fruit and veggie groups to care as much. Now I do know that they are putting Dora and Spongebob on some product containers to push those.


  2. While I haven’t seen any commercials for just fruits and/or veggies, I do like that some fast food companies (Wendy’s, especially) let you substitute yogurt or a piece of fruit for the fries that normally come with the meal.

    But… knowing Bush, Rove, et al… their “veggie push” would probably be something like…

    “9/11. It changed everything. Now eat your vegetables, or the terrorists win.”

    Or maybe…

    “Terrorists eat curry. Real Americans eat fruits and vegetables.”

    And Hollywood? They couldn’t help with this issue. Paris Hilton advertising for… food? Yeah, right. That’d be like Patrick Stewart advertising for Just For Men Hair Care Products. Remember, this is the same Hollywood that laughs at Angelina Jolie because she decided to be active and adopt two underpriveliged children, and because her and Brad donated money and raised awareness for the plights of a small African country. That same Hollywood portrays people like Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears as role models. Really, do you think they care what anybody eats?

    So, who’s left to advertise for fruits and veggies? Sports stars. Overpaid and underworked, I doubt most of these spoiled brats would do anything for anyone else unless an eight figure check was involved. I mean, hell, remember when the NBA players complained about the dress code? As if it’s so hard to wear a suit and tie on the day of a game. Shoot, I remember that Iverson, one of the best (and highest paid) players in the game… he basically said that if the NBA wants to institute a dress code, that the NBA should pay for it. Because, of course, he’s having a hard time living on his $10 mil a year (or whatever he gets).

    Heh. Sorry about the rant, but I’m pretty disgusted with society these days.

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