I whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore.

Outlook 2007 Is a Memory Hog

When I got my new laptop a few weeks ago I thought it was pretty cool that it came with Office 2007. The nifty new toolbars and embedded wavey swooshes are slick. I don’t really mind that by default Word and Excel assume you want to save files with a .docx or .xlsx extension. (That’s […]

I Always Said ColdFusion Sucked

I was glad to see ColdFusion make it on this list of the top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills. It’s a ridiculous “language” that I never bothered to learn and used to tell people was craptastic and worthless when it was brand new and everybody and their mother was looking for people that knew […]

Unwanted Software

Yesterday I became the proud new owner of a Dell D630 Latitude. Today I began the tiresome task of transferring my life from my old D610 to it. The old laptop was Anchor. (Previous computers were Budweiser, Guinness, and Corona.) The new laptop is Maui. Here is a list of the software that Dell decided […]

Creating Smarter Playlists

Let’s say you want to create a smart playlist in iTunes that will contain the 25 highest-rated Beatles or Bob Dylan songs that you haven’t heard in a while. That would be pretty cool, right? It’s not that simple, but it can be done. I’ll show you how. The main roadblock you’re facing is that […]

Assign a Drive Letter to a Folder

Awesome LifeHacker DOS trick: Give a folder its very own drive letter.

A Wet Laptop

My mom just sent me the following text message: I just dumped a venti starbucks on my work computer! Help! Attempts to contact my mom via her cell phone have failed. Unfortunately even if I could get her on the phone, the only advice I could give her — after over a decade of working […]

How to Open Outlook Attachments

A friend of mine sent me a link to an iTunes song he thought I’d like. Of course I was unable to open it because it came delivered as an attachment. (Cue scary music.) Microsoft thinks that I can’t possibly be trusted to not open some flesh-eating virus, so by default Outlook blocks everything. It’s […]

Email Should Always Be Plain Text

Zeldman does a spectacular job explaining why I hate when people use Word as their email editor.

Old Navy Is Broken

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a great linen shirt at Old Navy. It’s so great, in fact, that today I thought I’d go to the website and grab a couple more of them. Alas, I cannot. Their website is broken. This is a multi-million dollar company and they’re currently not able to […]

Dropkick Murphys

I bought a CD today. It was a little bit strange. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual compact disc. I’m sure this isn’t the first one I’ve bought since I moved to LA seven years ago, but I know that since I got my iPod the number of CDs I’ve purchased […]

Microsoft Money for Pocket PC

From the Department of Inexplicable Corporate Decisions: Pocket PC integration discontinued with Microsoft Money 2007.

Delete Empty Folders

Looking for a way to clear some of your computer’s clutter? Getting rid of empty directories is a good start. I was looking for a file and realized that my machine was spending a long time searching through folders that I knew had nothing in them. A quick Google search returned a handy DOS trick […]

Boost Your Belkin Wireless Router

We’re running a Belkin Wireless G router in my office. I had to rummage in my garage for a few old wireless USB dongles, but it’s much nicer than having to string CAT-5 all over the place. (I hate cables.) Some of us were suffering deadly latency and frequently-dropped connections, which was annoying as hell. […]

RSS and the Remote Control

All three of the televisions in my house are connected to either a TiVo box or a DirecTV box. Both of these systems give me the option of displaying a “guide” in a grid right on the screen. If I want to see what else I can watch, I click to the guide and browse […]

Griffin Reflect iPod Case

A week or so ago I found a link to the Griffin Mirrored Chrome Finish iPod case on Dan’s site. Anything that beautiful must be mine. I ordered one immediately and it arrived last night. The previous case I had — Agent18‘s video-shield — was awesome, to be sure. After a year and a quarter, […]

Florida Football Schedule

The schedule for the University of Florida 2007 football season has been published. You can find it at the University Athletic Association website. They even give you the ability to import the schedule directly into Outlook! It took me a few minutes to find it, of course. There is just a lot of stuff cluttering […]

iTunes Playlist Options Improvement

The feature I’d most like to see added to iTunes “smart playlist” building is the ability to exclude songs based on metadata. I like to listen to music that I haven’t heard in a long time and / or that I haven’t heard very often. The only problem is that when I choose to select […]

WordPress Gunning-Fog Analysis PlugIn

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to build a WordPress plugin to display a Gunning-Fog analysis on his blog. The math part was pretty easy stuff. I was having a borch of a time getting the plugin to count syllables, so I hunted through Google and found someone else had written […]

Vista Roadblock

Washington — At least two federal government agencies are refusing to upgrade their computers with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista operating system, citing concern over costs and compatibility issues. In a Jan. 19 memo to staff, Dan Mintz, the Transportation Department’s chief information officer, imposed an “indefinite moratorium” on upgrading desktop and laptop computers with the […]

Alexa Is Skewed

I’ve often wondered how Alexa manages to get its data. Their stats never seem to synch with mine. It turns out there’s a fly in the ointment over there.