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iTunes Tuesday: My Beatles Smart Playlist

iTunes Tuesday: My Beatles Smart Playlist

In which I explain how to build an iTunes smart playlist of just Beatles tracks

iTunes Tuesday: Building a Smart Christmas Playlist

iTunes Tuesday: Building a Smart Christmas Playlist

In which I explain how to build an iTunes smart playlist of holiday music

iTunes Tuesday: Giant Files

iTunes Tuesday: Giant Files

In which I explain how to save hard drive space by analyzing your iTunes library

iTunes Tuesday: Listen to This

Depending upon the size of your iTunes library and how you have your playlists configured, you could have a bunch of awesome songs that you are either hearing over and over and over again, or that you’ve not heard in ages. Those are both terrible situations, of course. You want to have a happy medium.

iTunes Tuesday: The 90s

Here’s a quick and easy smart playlist for you. Let’s create a collection of only songs released in the 90s. This is a very simple playlist, and its utility is primarily as a component of other smart playlists. In iTunes click File → New → Smart Playlist …. Then choose the parameters set in this

iTunes Tuesday: Good New Songs

I’ve already written about how you can use one playlist as the basis for another, and now we’ll put this ability to a good use. We’re going to make a playlist that will let you hear all the good new stuff. These are the songs that you’ve added recently, that you’ve rated highly, and that

iTunes Tuesday: How to Organize Playlists

If you’ve been creating new playlists left and right, eventually you are going to have a long and cluttered list of them running down the left side of your iTunes window. You do know you can group them into folders, right? Just click File and then New Playlist Folder. Now you can drag and drop

iTunes Tuesday: Create Playlists Quickly

In the previous episode of iTunes Tuesday I explained the difference between Smart Playlists and user-created playlists. Basically the key difference is that Smart Playlists are ones that iTunes creates for you based on criteria you define and user-created playlists are ones you make by picking and choosing songs. Today I’ll show you a couple

iTunes Tuesday: Show in Playlist

There are two types of playlists in iTunes: Smart Playlists and “regular” playlists. A Smart Playlist depends on parameters you’ve set, like “songs added in the last month”, or “songs by The Beatles or Bob Dylan”. Regular playlists — also known as “user-generated playlists” — are the ones you create. (These are the playlists you

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