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WordPress Wednesday: LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a killer WordPress “domain parking” theme. It’s the perfect way to let visitors know that something cool is “coming soon” when you’ve registered a domain name but haven’t yet had a chance to actually build anything. This high-impact, minimalist layout (example) comes pre-configured with two RSS subscription options — via email or feed […]

Easily Mispronounced Domain Names

Brilliant: Easily Mispronounced Domain Names Go Tahoe!

Mirror or Redirect?

Everyone knows that I own the domain name. I also own the and the domains. Here’s my question: Should I configure those two domains to redirect to this one? Or should I set them to be mirrors of this one? Dreamhost gives me both options, and I’m trying to decide which one […]

Election 04

The domain name says it

Available Domain Names

Here are a few more great selections from my research into available domain names: Previous Fun Domain Names: 1, 2


Did you know that I also own and I’ve been wondering what to do with for a while now. I’ve just finished a large Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Swiss Mocha Latte and swallowed two Excedrin Migraine gel caps (with 65 mg ea.) so I have somewhere around a kilo of caffeine […]


When I want to register a domain name, I go to It might cost a few dollars more – and I’m talkin’ like, $2 more – than some of the bargain basement registrars, but you cannot beat their customer service, administration, and control panel options. I’ve used them for years and highly recommend their […]


If you’re looking for a really insulting and / or offensive eMail address or web site, look no further than datapimp email and hosting services. The original is still the best. *Note: I actually think is kind of cool. I don’t like martinis, though. Yech.

Spam URL

From the Spam from Places with Incredibly Long Domain Names Dept.:!

Soon …

Coming soon: If Ben can do it …


I really can’t believe that is still up for grabs …


No detail has been overlooked! The URL’plate compliments the chrome detailing on any vehicle. The letters are bold and stand out. They are easy to read, even at highway speeds!

Available Domain Names

More from the These Are Still Available Department:

Available domain names

Available domain names: and Nobody wants these?! [Note: I just registered for no apparent reason. <grin>]

Available Domain Names

The available domain name of the week from is a handy and fun little web resource. I remember visiting the site early last year and seeing some great names. This is a site for the people who complain that all the good www names are taken. This week’s available name is Check ’em […]

domain name expired

So. My domain name ( registration expired on February 9. Rather than do something silly, like send me an eMail to warn me that it was about to expire, the folks at dotster simply closed my home on the ‘net and replaced it with that Renewal Notice. As far as I can tell, I got […]