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Friday Five: Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs

Led Zeppelin IThis one was tough, but I think it’s fair to rank them:

  1. Babe I’m Gonna Leave YouLed Zeppelin I
  2. D’yer Mak’erHouses of the Holy
  3. Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)Led Zeppelin II
  4. Going to CaliforniaLed Zeppelin IV
  5. Fool In the RainIn Through the Out Door
Friday Five: Irish Songs
  1. Goodbye Mrs. DurkinIrish Rovers
  2. Finnegan’s WakeDropkick Murphys
  3. The Orange and Green – Irish Rovers
  4. Black Velvet Band – Irish Rovers
  5. Seven Drunken NightsDubliners
Romeo and Juliet

The Killers’ awesome cover of one of my favorite Dire Straits tracks — Romeo and Juliet — is more than enough of a reason to buy Sawdust. There are 17 b-sides and otherwise unreleased covers and studio versions on this excellent collection. I grabbed it from iTunes about a month ago and have been loving […]

A Day in the Life

I just finished reading Mark Hertsgaard’s excellent book, A Day in the Life: The Music and Artistry of the Beatles and I loved it. My father-in-law — who, in 1974, was actually kicked out of the Troubadour with John for heckling the Smothers Brothers — gave it to me a few weeks ago after he’d […]

2006 Top Ten New Songs List

You’re asking me, “What are the ten songs you played the most in iTunes this year, David?” Unfortunately I’m not going to tell you that. I’d love to do it, but I can’t. See, the thing is that iTunes doesn’t store meta data in a true RDBMS; it’s just a flat XML file. There’s no […]

Goodbye in Gasoline

I‘ve decided that Goodbye in Gasoline has overtaken How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings? as my favorite Less Than Jake song. It’s a tough call to make. I’ve had How’s My Driving posted here for download since early 2000. That is a seriously long time to have been awake late every night, nervously waiting for the […]

Alphabet Tunes

Here’s another silly music meme. This one’s from A Small Victory. Take all the songs in iTunes (or your music player of choice), alphabetize ’em, and tell the first song of each letter. Yes, it’s lame. Yes, it’s fun. I got more than 26 because I couldn’t resist including numerals and non-alphanumeric characters. And I […]

Pass the Baton …

Gee, I haven’t been involved in a meme in quite some time, and I’m currently nursing a wicked sinus infection and suffering from post-Sith syndrome, but I’ll play along. It’s a music meme, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for both. I should note that my copy of iTunes has 6811 songs, some 500+ of […]

My Radio

Because I know you’re dying to know, I present my top fifty most-played tracks according to iTunes: Title: Woke Up This Morning – Artist: A3 (PlayCount: 116) Less Than You Hoped For – Gunmoll (108) My Friend Peter – Alkaline Trio (72) Open All Night – Bruce Springsteen (66) Whatsername – Green Day (64) How’s […]

The Covers Project

Amazon XML? Google API? Web services? You want some cool web services? The Covers Project … building a database of cover songs (songs performed by an artist other than the original performer) with the intention of creating cover “chains.” A cover chain is a set of songs in which each song is a cover of […]

Pearl Jam concert Tampa Florida set list
Songfile. Cool.

Songfile. Cool.

more foo …

more foo … can’t help it Run when it hit’s the ground, I’m good at escaping But better at flaking out