In which I am robbed

I can’t believe /dan.el.ope/ thinks that he might be the only person who alphabetizes his CD collection. Someone set up a poll (because I’m too lazy to do it) and you will find that (I’m betting) at least 80% of bloggers have their CDs in alphabetical order. Although why anyone would secondary sort by album release date is beyond me; secondary sorts should be done according to album title.

When I lived in my first apartment I was robbed.

When I lived in my first apartment I was robbed. It was the Thanksgiving break of my second year of college. I went home for the weekend and when I returned I discovered that someone had broken into my apartment and stolen everything from Alice in Chains to Paul McCartney. I was grief-stricken. The bastard had obviously just grabbed all he could fit in one armload. (This was when I had only a hundred or so CDs.) The Beatles were on a separate shelf so they were still there. He took my $50 CD player, too, the jerk. He was dense as a stone or simply a music-lovin’ thief though, because he left my leather jacket (with a few credit cards in the pocket!) on the couch only a few feet from where the CD player was.

The thing that really really bugged me was that I had a photograph of me and my best best friend slipped into the case of Eric Clapton‘s Timepieces CD. If you ever see that disc on a used CD shelf anywhere, and there’s a picture with two guys who look slightly drunk in the case, please grab it for me. I’ll owe you one.

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