The cable guy came to the house on Friday so there are now 130 channels of mind-numbingly horrible entertainment in my home. While he was here he convinced me to get RoadRunner cable internet service. It wasn’t that tough of a sell after all the shenanigans I’ve experienced simply trying to *find out* how to get DSL. Jeez. I hadn’t even begun to try and *get* DSL. So my birthday present to myself will be to hang out here from 10am to noon and wait for the RoadRunner guy to start me on my way to blazing, always-on, internet service. That, and I think I will go buy the new Sony 5-Disc changer with digital MiniDisc link that I’ve wanted for like a week. Then I will have TWO … count ’em … TWO Sony 5-Disc changers. I am a heathen.

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