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The Price of Being Connected

Let’s take a look at my current connection costs here in Los Angeles: Service Purpose Approximate Monthly Rate DirecTV HD Satellite TV + 2 HD DVRs $135 AT&T mobile phones + data $235 Verizon land line (for alarm system) $24 Time-Warner Cable Internet $50 So I’m paying almost $450.00/mo to stay “connected”. Eek.

Wireless XBOX 360 + DirecTV

Wireless XBOX 360 + DirecTV

Update Feb 2017: If you are lucky enough to have one of the newer DirecTV DVRs, you may notice that there are two networking / CAT-5 ports on the back. If the DVR is on your WiFi network and / or connected to it via the top port, you can plug a CAT-5 cable directly

Sunday Afternoon Football

Sunday Afternoon Football

Los Angeles’ TimeWarner cable — previously known as Adelphia — is rotten. It is quite possibly the worst cable company in America. Two years ago they dropped the ESPN Gameplan, so there was no way for me to watch the Gators unless I hauled my butt over to Westwood to catch them at the UGA


How’s this for annoying? When I returned from San Diego I realized that the cable company had rearranged all the channels. ESPN2 moved from 68 to 32. The TV Guide channel (previously 44 and the most-useful of all stations) is missing. And I can’t find Animal Planet (used to be 59) anywhere. Crikey! I don’t

Kathleen Gagne

If you live in the Gainesville / Ocala Florida COX Cable market you have a chance to see my mom on television. She’s in the currently-airing COX Happy Holidays commercial, sitting at her desk and waving at the camera. Wave to her and tell her how much you love being a COX Cable subscriber. Hi,

Unreturned Cable Box

I am Jack’s friend Chris who is going to be really mad at Jack when he finds out that Jack’s other friend has yet to return Chris’ cable box.


Right now Bud clocks in at 485.7 Kbps (59.5 K bytes/sec) at Microsoft’s Bandwidth Speed Test. This is considerably better than the 19.4 Kbps he used to get through the old 28.8 modem. I don’t know how that compares to ADSL, but I don’t really care. It’s plenty fast for me.

Connection Hell

Everything in the previous post is completely true. That is a very accurate representation of my birthday. Any resemblance to Brad’s tale of aDSL hell is purely coincidental and if you haven’t read it yet, you should.

Sony, Cable Modems, and my Birthday

The cable guy came to the house on Friday so there are now 130 channels of mind-numbingly horrible entertainment in my home. While he was here he convinced me to get RoadRunner cable internet service. It wasn’t that tough of a sell after all the shenanigans I’ve experienced simply trying to *find out* how to

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