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Right now Bud clocks in at 485.7 Kbps (59.5 K bytes/sec) at Microsoft’s Bandwidth Speed Test. This is considerably better than the 19.4 Kbps he used to get through the old 28.8 modem. I don’t know how that compares to ADSL, but I don’t really care. It’s plenty fast for me.

Connection Hell

Everything in the previous post is completely true. That is a very accurate representation of my birthday. Any resemblance to Brad’s tale of aDSL hell is purely coincidental and if you haven’t read it yet, you should.

Sony, Cable Modems, and my Birthday

The cable guy came to the house on Friday so there are now 130 channels of mind-numbingly horrible entertainment in my home. While he was here he convinced me to get RoadRunner cable internet service. It wasn’t that tough of a sell after all the shenanigans I’ve experienced simply trying to *find out* how to


Maybe I have been influenced by reading about TheBrad’s trials. Maybe I am being too hard on GTE and the other places that obviously really want me to get DSL service here. I think I will go to bed now and try this again in the morning. These kinds of things always seem to go

GTE DSL Service

GTE DSL Service

On a useless and now defunct FAQ

A Literal DSL Connection

To find out how you can litererally connect with GTE DSL Service, click on the following information for a complete overview of DSL components, pricing and the steps to getting GTE DSL. I will not pay attention to the spelling error. I won’t. I’m not looking at it. What the hell do they mean by

The Rapid Systems Corporation

The Rapid Systems Corporation‘s DSL page notes that they have Free Virus Scanning and Intrusion Detection included Free! I think that it would be annoying if I had to pay for a Free (always capitalized!) service, don’t you? Does anyone in DSL-world believe in proof-reading? The site says that I can get a “dedicated IP

EarthLink DSL

Wow! This EarthLink page about DSL service says that they have FREE equipment, installation, and set-up! Then it says that the offer requires self-installation! So, if I install it myself, they’re not going to charge me to install it?! Huh? Join me now as I begin to follow TheBrad’s ill-fated path …

DSL Service

I’ve come to think of blogging as the new bookmarking. I almost never click in my Favorites menu these days. So pretty much nobody but me will want to go to this site. It’s the one for GTE DSL Services. As much as I admire TheBrad, I have to hope and pray that my experience


I was just in the middle of reading about TheBrad’s journey through ADSL Hell when the thunder began a-rollin’. Hard core thunder. Thunder such that you would be hard-pressed to determine if what you were hearing was thunder or someone trying to recreate the running of the bulls at Pamplona in your attic. Thunder so

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